Kit Williamson, John Halbach

Mad Men will be coming to an end very soon, but Kit Williamson, who played Ed Gifford on the AMC series, is excited for his next chapter: Marriage!

Williamson is engaged to fellow actor John Halbech, E! News can confirm.

"We've been together for more than eight years," Williamson, who also co-stars alongside his fiancé on Logo's EastSiders, said in a statement. "We kind of resisted marriage at first because we were already committed to one another, but all the progress that's happened over the last few years, and the likelihood of a favorable Supreme Court ruling in June, has made us really think about what marriage means to us and our relationship. To deny our right to get married is to deny our relationship's validity."

The future spouses addressed this further in a recent joint interview with Out. "I feel so lucky to be alive when we're alive and to see everything that's happened since I realized I was gay," said Halbech. "The fact that we're getting married and marriage equality is in all the states I've ever lived in is so amazing. That it could be everywhere imminently is also very amazing."

"Growing up in Mississippi [a state which upholds a gay marriage ban], I thought there was no way I'd ever get married," added Williamson. "I thought there was no way I'd ever get to meet somebody. I couldn't imagine my life now. So I'm really grateful for that. I think and I hope that it keeps me from taking it for granted."

As for the wedding? That's still up in the air. Williamson told Out they've "been deciding between New York, L.A., or some destination wedding."

"Our friends and family are split all over the country," he explained. "His [Halbech's] family is in Minnesota, mine's in Mississippi. It's kind of not convenient for anybody, so maybe we'll just go to none of the above and have a destination wedding!"

Those are always fun! And a big congratulations to the happy couple on their engagement!

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