Gloria Estefan's Daughter Is All Grown Up and Ready to Follow in Mom's Musical Footsteps—Watch Now!

College sophomore has big hopes at her own career on stage

By Mike Vulpo Apr 27, 2015 9:08 PMTags

They sure grow up so fast!

If you ask Gloria Estefan, it feels like yesterday when her daughter Emily was a baby backstage at her sold-out concerts. Fast-forward to today and the 20-year-old college sophomore is totally grown up and ready to rock out on her own.

"I always think about it as a double-edge sword," Emily shared on Monday's Today show when asked about following the same career as her mom. "I don't even understand that saying because doesn't a sword have one edge?"

She continued, "But the reality is they're amazing golden footsteps to follow in so my biggest fear now is just being able to do the past justice."

While Gloria has been touring the world for decades performing huge hits including "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You" and "Everlasting Love," her daughter has always looked on with amazement.

But it wasn't until 2014 when Emily decided to make her singing debut at the Hollywood Bowl of all places.

"The Hollywood Bowl was more daunting because of all of the people who had been able to perform there have deserved it. Sometimes, that's another thing that comes with being in my position," Emily explained to Natalie Morales. "Sometimes I feel like I don't deserve it."

She explained, "I know that must people I know believe in me for my talent and for what I stand for but there's always a doubt in my mind because there is no way of knowing when you are a descendant of the Conga Queen."

As her parents focus on an upcoming Broadway musical appropriately titled "On Your Feet," Emily is ready to prove she herself can turn the beat around. And yes, she'll do it while wearing mama's clothes.

"When I want to go shopping, I just go to the warehouse and grab her clothes," Emily admitted while wearing Gloria's retro pants and T-shirt. As they like to say, like mother, like daughter.

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