The Mindy Project Canceled By Fox, Apocalypse Is Officially Underway

Mindy Kaling's bubble rom-com was not picked up for a fourth season

By Tierney Bricker May 07, 2015 1:36 AMTags
The Mindy Project, Mindy Kaling, Chris MessinaJordin Althaus/FOX

This is literally the worst news in the history of awful news.

The Mindy Project, one of our favorite TV shows of all-time, has been canceled by Fox by after three seasons. We'd give you a moment to grieve, but we're too busy crying in the fetal position in our office to worry about your feelings right now, OK? Please respect our privacy during this difficult time.  

Making matters worse? The season three finale of Mindy Kaling's gem of a sitcom ended with a total cliffhanger as Danny hopped on a plane to India to ask Mindy's (Kaling) parents for their blessing. And hello, we've yet to meet Danny and Mindy's child. 


Still, all hope is not totally lost as TMP is produced by NBC Universal, so Fox's no-good, very-bad decision to cancel it doesn't mean it won't end up having a fourth season. The studio has the right to pitch it anywhere, and a possible new home could be Hulu, which is also owned by NBC Universal. And here's the silver lining: E! News has learned that they are currently in talks with Hulu for a multi-season pick up.

Prior to the season three finale, we chatted with Kaling, who was feeling cautiously optimistic about a fourth season pick up. "I'm so proud of the show," she told us. "There's nothing really that I would do differently in the way that we've built the those in the last couple of years, and I love our relationship with Fox and I would love for it to just continue."

And renewal or not, Kaling was super-proud of the creative them she assembled on the show, saying, "I would love for that to be the legacy, that it was a breeding ground for insane talent and for people to watch it and be like, 'This was a great love story over the course of how ever many seasons for the first time between two realistic people falling in love, that didn't shy away from stuff that was real that was a on network…which I don't know that we're going to see that many more of those kind of shows on networks."

Now excuse us while we grieve the only way we know how: 


Let's take this sob-fest to the comments, shall we? Are you as gutted as we are by The Mindy Project's cancellation? 

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