Russell Crowe Hopes to Reconcile With Wife Danielle Spencer: "I Didn't Get Married to Get Divorced"—Watch Now!

"I don't feel balanced," he says

By Francesca Bacardi Apr 24, 2015 4:22 PMTags

They have been separated since 2012, but Russell Crowe isn't giving up hope that he and estranged wife Danielle Spencer will get back together. They never legally divorced, so the Gladiator star is praying that it will work out in the end.

While appearing on CBS This Morning, Crowe opened up to Charlie Rose about the state of his marriage and how not wearing a wedding ring has left him feeling unsure of himself.

"I was so proud to wear that ring, Charlie," he said. "I don't feel balanced."

After nine years of marriage and two kids together, it's no wonder the A Beautiful Mind actor still feels "connected" to his wife. Although he isn't sure of what's to come for their relationship in the future, he dished to Rose that she is always on his mind.

"To this day everything I do is still connected to that," he said. "We haven't done the deal yet. I'm a very persistent person, you never know."

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When Rose asked what "done the deal yet" referred to, Crowe clarified that he and Spencer still aren't legally divorced. "I didn't get married to get divorced," Crowe stated.

He has been more vocal than usual about his split lately, admitting in March that he's still very much in love with his former other half. "I've loved Danielle Spencer since 1989—that's never going to change—and that's one of those things where I stare at her and go, ‘How did it fail?' I still can't work it out, because my feelings for her have never changed," the 50-year-old actor told The Sunday Times.

He also mentioned then that he hoped his relentless attitude would eventually win her back. "Once I commit to something, I stick with it, so you never know," he said.

Crowe and Spencer met while playing two lovers in the 1990 movie The Crossing. Now he's just focused on maintaining a normal life for his kids, sons Tennyson, 8, and Charles, 11.

"For me, the most important thing is for my kids to see that their parents are still a parental unit and that we're still friends and there's a lot of affection there, so it's the way to go," Crowe said after their breakup. "Obviously it's very challenging for him to deal with and very challenging for me to deal with, but I guess in some ways keeping under the radar is good for my kids."