Jimmy Fallon can't compete with Chris Evans!

The Tonight Show host challenged the Avengers: Age of Ultron actor to a game of flip cup Thursday. To make it a little more fun, the comedian decided to include their younger siblings, Gloria Fallon and Scott Evans. "You're going down," Chris told Gloria, before Jimmy playfully warned him, "No trash talk."

As Gloria hadn't played beer pong in a while, her brother explained that teammates take turns drinking beer and flipping the cups upside down. "The first team to flip all the cups wins," Jimmy said. Chris and Jimmy went first, and the Evans brothers managed to flip five out of six cups before Jimmy got just one. "Gloria, I'm sorry!" he shouted. "We got killed! We got destroyed...I couldn't get it to flip over!"

"She didn't even get a turn!" Chris joked.

Chris Evans, Scott Evans, Jimmy Fallon, Gloria Fallon

Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

This wasn't the first time Chris brought Scott to The Tonight Show, which isn't surprising, given that the Captain America: The Winter Soldier star is all about family these days. In fact, after he finished shooting the Avengers sequel last year, he headed home to Massachusetts for six months. "My mother and my sister, my other sister and their family, they all still live in the same house that we grew up in, so when I go home, I'm still in the same house that I was studying for math tests in," the actor said, adding that he still sleeps in the "same bedroom" he did as a kid. "I mean, I took some posters down! They were bad!"

"It was like a puppy...like a random surfer," he said. "Embarrassing stuff!"

During his most recent visit, he bonded with his 3-year-old nephew, Miles. "He's very much like me in the sense that he's very particular about what he likes. More appropriately, what he doesn't like, which is everything. He says, 'I don't like it. I don't like it. I don't like it.' He has the same speech impediment that I do, where the Ls and the Rs turn into Ws," he said. "So it ends up, 'I don't wike it! I don't wike it!'"

Chris shared clips of his nephew saying "I don't wike it!" on various occasions. "It's beyond adorable!" he said. But after being "around the kid every single day," he confessed, "that phrase somehow worked its way into my day-to-day vernacular. So I'm a 33-year-old man, and I say at least four to five times a day—just to myself, under my breath—I just kind of say, 'I don't wike it.' And it's so applicable."

The actor slipped up and said it during a junket interview.

Naturally, Jimmy had the clip ready. "It was not intentional!" Chris said.

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