So Is Jake Alive Or Dead on Scandal? The Answer May [Not] Surprise You!

Jake (Scott Foley)'s fate was revealed in the newest episode of the ABC hit

By Lauren Piester Apr 24, 2015 2:30 AMTags
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He's aliiiiiive!

Just as we suspected, Jake Ballard is alive and not-exactly-well. Guess we owe Shonda Rhimes some lunch now.

Turns out Olivia's lovah didn't stab Jake quite enough in the right spots for him to fully die, so he was only mostly dead, and very blood-deficient. That meant OPA's newest mission was to go on a blood hunt, of course!

Unfortunately, they also had a case, because their shady Russian doctor refused to help Jake if OPA didn't also help him out, but whatevs. Jake's alive and that's all that matters.

The only real problem was that Liv and co. didn't yet know that it was Russell who was to blame for Jake's near-death. Not only was Russell stashed on a gurney next to Jake for a bit (and thus had the opportunity to nearly kill Jake with a scalpel), but he and Olivia were still, you know, together.

Fortunately, Olivia Pope is not an idiot, and she figured it out eventually. She revealed that she had figured it out by stripping down to a negligee, sitting on top of Russell, and then holding a gun to his forehead, which just felt like such a natural Olivia Pope scene that it took us a hot second to realize this was not just how she does foreplay.

So while Olivia seems to have disabled a branch of her father's reign of terror, the king still lives, and he's willing to kill pretty much everybody Olivia knows.  

Elsewhere in the land of Scandal, Mellie's running as a senator in Virginia, but the American people apparently have some sort of problem with a senator also being the First Lady. Sally Langston hopped in there to give her two cents on the situation, and then had an epic showdown with Cyrus as he defended Mellie as hard as Fitz had previously yelled at him to do. It was truly magical to watch, especially when Cyrus asked Sally if she was being paid in fried chicken.

Truth be told, while we hate fake outs such as the one played upon us at the end of last week's episode, we're glad Jake's alive. Shondaland already lost a leading man tonight and we probably could not have cried any more tears. Let us celebrate the same way we mourned, with this picture of Scott Foley and a puppy:


Ah. That's better.