Whoa! Major Grey’s Anatomy Spoiler Just Leaked On the Internet: Click If You Want to See Who's Off the Show

Spoiler alert! Thanks to a leaked article, it looks like one of the original cast members of Grey's is exiting the show

By Sydney Bucksbaum Apr 23, 2015 11:31 PMTags
Grey's Anatomy, Patrick DempseyABC/Kelsey McNeal

Prepare for all the tears, Grey's Anatomy fans.

And don't read another word if you don't want to know what is happening in tonight's episode!

After 11 seasons of highs, lows and perfect hair, McDreamy, aka Patrick Dempsey, is about to exit the long-running ABC series.

According to Just Jared, a fan somehow got ahold of an early leaked issue of Entertainment Weekly spoiling one of the biggest plot lines of one of the biggest television shows to date...just mere hours before Grey's Anatomy airs. Check out the instagram pic of that fan's issue below:

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EW issued an apology for the spoiler with this statement: "We are surprised that an EW subscriber may have received their issue a day earlier than planned. We always try our best to bring readers exclusive news first. We would like to apologize to fans of the show that learned the news ahead of time."

ABC has not commented on Dempsey's departure, but according to Page Six, Dempsey's character has been downgraded  on Grey's this season thanks to his "diva" behavior.

In the latest episode of the show, April 16's "One Flight Down," Derek, who has been working in Washington, D.C., missed a meeting with the president and his panicked wife Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) hadn't heard from him. She called the cops, and a police car pulled in her driveway.

The 49-year-old actor has not been shy in discussing his Grey's exit, telling the Portland Press Herald in November that he was departing the show "very soon."

"I do want to act [after Grey's Anatomy], but I might take a break and go race and travel first. I haven't found a piece of material I want to do yet," Dempsey said of his future plans.

Tonight's Grey's Anatomy begins airing in 30 minutes on the East Coast. 

We'll be watching with you at @eonlinetv to group hug it out, and pay homage to the dreamiest TV dream hair that ever was.

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