Male Hooters, Tallywackers


We're not sure what it's like in heaven, but getting an order of buffalo wings with a side of rock-hard abs seems pretty close.

Those who admire a handsome man and delicious food will be excited to hear that there's a male version of a Hooters-style restaurant slated to open next month (hello Mother's Day!), and it's called Tallywackers.

The bad news? It's currently only opening in one location, so unless you're a Dallas resident, you need to start saving up for that ticket to Texas.

Tallywackers is going to make its debut in the city's gayborhood, Oak Lawn. According to a help wanted ad on Craigslist, Tallywackers appears to be a bar and restaurant staffed by half-naked men who will be serving phallic-shaped foods (such as hot dogs) while also giving a healthy dose of eye candy for dessert.

It will open at—grab a pen and paper so you can write this down—4218 Lemmon Avenue, the space previously occupied by Lolita's and the Catalina Room.

The venue's Facebook page has posted a few photos so far of the restaurant's promotional photo shoot (enjoy!), and is already gaining support from potential patrons.

"I havent been here...but i think this is an AMAZING idea...women enjoy looking at 'scenic views' too!!! Heck yea!!!," one user wrote.

Another person commented, "even though I have not had the food, and the doors isnt open yet I give it a 5 because this has been needed for years, every time us ladies turn around there is a new place opening that is basically for men, and it isnt fair that there is nothing out there for the ladies !!! but now there is and when the guys want a guy night and go to hooters ( for the wings and beer ofcourse lol ) the gals can go to TallyWackers ( for the steak and cosmos ofcourse ;)"

One man wrote, "After being an openly gay GM for hooters for almost 8 years, I always said I should open a male version of hooters since being in the BFOQ [bona fide occupational qualification] business is very 'legally sensitive' and being with hooters so long made me an expert in that. I wish this upstart the best and as long as they follow the BFOQ loophole they will be great!"

The countdown for Tallywacker's grand opening starts now.

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