Stop Everything! Chipotle Just Started Offering Delivery

Thank the burrito gods...

By Seija Rankin Apr 23, 2015 5:25 PMTags

We just got the best news of 2015: Chipotle is going to start offering delivery service.

Are you still breathing?

If you have not gone into a state of shock, let us explain this to you. According to an announcement in Nation's Restaurant News, the burrito chain has teamed up with the Postmates app to start bringing delicious Mexican food straight to your bed door. In case you're not familiar, Postmates is an Uber-style service that enlists regular Joes to shuttle your food from the restaurant to your home.

Naturally, Chipotle fans everywhere are ecstatic at this news.

It all sounds like a total dream, right? Well, not quite. Access to this dream is going to cost you. Since Chipotle will be using a third party to get you your chips and guac, there are some major markups and service fees involved—ordering a single burrito will cost about $20. And you'll have to live in one of the app's existing markets (you can check whether you're one of the lucky ones here). 

But if you ask us, all of this is going to be worth it come Sunday morning when we're so hungover we can barely pick up our own arm let alone walk the (gasp) eight blocks to the nearest Chipotle. In fact, we're thinking about just giving all of our local Postmates employees a spare key.