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Miley Cyrus certainly knows her way around a pole, huh?

Actually, that's a Miley Cyrus avatar, but the singer herself created it using "My Idol," an app that lets users turn themselves into dancing and karaoke-singing versions of themselves!

"My Idol" is almost entirely in Chinese, but that doesn't seem to stop English-speakers users from having a grand ol' time with it! Miley set her digitized pole dance to the tune of Nicki Minaj's "Truffle Butter" (she then posted the performance clip to Instagram), but others have been A-OK with their avatars singing along to words they (presumably) don't understand.

Kat Dennings hopped on the "My Idol" bandwagon pole, dancing to the tune of a non-English song—Instagramming a comical clip of her avatar rocking a horned onesie of sorts. She was less than sold on her performance, however, and captioned the video simply, "This is a nightmare."

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John Mayer, on the other hand, seemed rather pleased with his singing self in avatar form! (Sadly, he didn't opt for the pole dancing version of "My Idol."). His only gripe with the app seemed to be that he wasn't the first to discover it! He acknowledged this on Instagram, writing, "Probably the 383737th person to do this today but I don't need to be a snowflake all the time."

Lots of other people online are having fun with the app too, creating avatars of themselves, pets, celebs and more thanks to "My Idol." If you don't understand Chinese, it's a bit hard to navigate, but the creators urge users to "stay tuned," because the "English version is coming soon."

In the meantime, they've created a guide for non-Chinese users to help them use "My Idol." Because, really: Why wait another day to turn yourself into a pole-dancing avatar?!

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