Blake Lively didn't take much away from her etiquette classes.

The Age of Adaline actress appeared on NBC's Late Night Thursday, where she explained why she had been working on her manners. "I thought it was time. I mean, I just laid upon your desk when I arrived, so you can tell that I don't really have my act together," she told Seth Meyers. "But I'm working on it!"

Why did Lively decide to modify her behavior? "I went to dinner once [at The Ritz in Paris] with Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld, which is just like...I'm sitting there like, 'Who invited me here?' I'm ordering the scones with the bacon and the cheese and the butter, getting it on my elbows and my clothes," she said. "I didn't know what fork [to use]. I was Jack Dawson in Titanic and I just wanted to pass someone a note by a clock because I did not belong there, and go down to the Irish people and spin. There were no Irish people around. It was really mortifying, so I thought, 'I can't have this experience again.'"

The lessons didn't take.

"I eat pretty poorly and my husband  [Ryan Reynolds] says the reason that I don't gain as much as weight as I should is because only 10 percent makes it into my mouth. It's really...I don't even know where the food goes!" Lively, 27, explained. "It's like I'm in a food fight with myself at every moment."

The etiquette lessons should have come in handy when Lively attended a dinner party with President Barack Obama. "It was all these world leaders and I had no idea how I was invited," the former Gossip Girl star said. "I met Obama and I had my whole speech planned. He was introducing himself to everyone and they were talking about the way they were going to change the world. He came to me and I was just like, 'Uh...hope!' It was like me summoning hope for myself. It was awful."

"The only thing I could think of was that he had left my husband a voicemail when he was running for president. So I said, 'You left my husband a voicemail.' And he was like, 'Cool.' 'And he deleted it.' Which is like, why did I say that? It got worse and I was like, 'He deleted it because you were just a senator then.' Then I was like, 'That was bad,' so I was like, 'Well, he didn't know you would be president. He, can you leave my husband a voicemail?' It was just getting worse," she said. "They'd confiscated our phones beforehand, and he said, 'Well, give me your phone,' and I said, 'I can't! You took it!' He said, 'Well, ask for it back.' I said, 'You're the president! You ask for it back!' So then he starts shouting across the table, 'Someone get Blake's phone!' Then all these other people are sitting there thinking, like, 'What is this [girl] doing, asking for her cell phone? She's got to, like, live tweet and take selfies.' Then I was so embarrassed, like, 'Why are you asking for your phone? You're not allowed to do that.'"

Blake Lively, Late Night With Seth Meyers

Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Obama "ended up leaving my husband an incredibly funny and ball-busting voicemail," the star told the late-night host. "But then I didn't get to take the picture with him shaking his hand and talking about the change that we're going to make in the world, because I was just, like, dying. But my picture instead is while he's leaving my husband a voicemail and he hands the phone back. I'm looking at the voicemail, but instead in the photo, I'm just looking at my phone...He's like saying something with me. I can't wait to share it with my kids. Obama's trying to talk to me and I'm like, '22 likes.'"

Meyers joked, "So, so weird you thought you needed etiquette class!"

For more on Lively and her 4-month-old daughter, watch the video now!

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