Rumer Willis Talks Crushing on Ashton Kutcher Before He Married Mom Demi Moore: ''It Was Definitely Weird''

DWTS contestant opens up about her famous family

By Brett Malec Apr 22, 2015 4:42 PMTags
Rumer Willis, Ashton Kutcher, Demi MooreJason Merritt/Getty Images

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In a new interview with Howard Stern, Rumer Willis is opening up about her teenage crush on Ashton Kutcher before Kutcher started dating her mom Demi Moore back in 2003. In fact, Rumer even had posters of the 37-year-old hunk on her bedroom walls!

"It was definitely weird for a minute but I have to commend him. He was a really great stepfather. The perspective shifted very quickly," the 26-year-old told Stern on his SiriusXM show.

When asked how quickly she took down her Ashton posters once he and Demi started getting hot and heavy, Rumer laughed, "That's when you open up your Teen Beat and just take him down, rip out somebody else and put them up."

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Rumer says she never talked to her mother about her Ashton fantasies. "I feel like I told my sister that at one point like, ‘Man, gotta cross him off the list,'" Rumer recalled.

And Rumer insists she didn't think it was weird that, at the time they started dating, Demi was 40 and Ashton was 25, "I feel like I was kind of impressed like, ‘Yeah girl, get it.'"

It's no secret that Rumer and Ashton still talk. Back in November, Rumer revealed she reconnected with Ashton after the birth of his and Mila Kunis' daughter Wyatt.

"I reached out to him when he had the baby, which is so awesome," the Dancing With the Stars contestant said. "I saw photos of her [Wyatt]. She's very cute."