Avril Lavigne

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I heard some news that Avril Lavigne lost her hand. Is it true? I hope not.

If so, she's found it. She has two hands now.

A female punk drummer did lose her hand recently; maybe that's who you're thinking about?

What's the math on movies—why do they cost so much to make? Thanks for your bitchin' answers, Bitch!
—Loren, Chicago

The biggest elements of a film budget are (a) people, like cast, director and producers, (b) special effects and (c) "below the line" costs, like locations, crew and equipment. In the case of, say, Spider-Man 2, here's how a $200 million budget broke down:

$30 million was reportedly spent on script, development and licensing. Producers and director cost a reported $25 million, cast was paid $30 million, and production costs, like machinery, extras and sets, added up to $45 million. Music and special effects reportedly cost another $70 million after that, and we haven't even gotten to marketing. Sometimes star "perks" can weigh a budget down even more—fancy transportation, shipping the family pet to the Australian location, daily chair massage for the ego, that kind of thing. Onward! With more of your mathy Burning Qs!

How come every so-called "star" is endorsing Obama?

They're not. Heidi Montag, the biggest "so-called star" ever self-created, is endorsing McCain.

Do you know if Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant again?

She says she ain't, y'all.

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