First Look: Mary-Kate Olsen on Samantha Who?

We have the first photos of MKO guest starring on Samantha Who? and we're pretty excited

By Jennifer Cady Oct 20, 2008 11:16 PMTags
Mary-Kate Olsen, Christina Applegate in Samantha Who?Karen Neal/ABC

It seems like forever ago that Watch With Kristin broke the awesome news that Mary-Kate Olsen (our favorite!) would be guest starring on Samantha Who?. Now, four long months later, there are pictures!

M.K.'s episode will air Nov. 10. In it, she stars as Natalie, a troubled young woman Samantha meets in community service. Sam sees her preamnesia bad-girl self in Natalie, so naturally she wants to help Nat get back on the straight and narrow. Jokes ensue.

There's M.K. drinking with the grown-ups, and keep scrolling to check out her adorable d'oh face...

Karen Neal/ABC

Yeah, we're a little giddy. There's no such thing as too much Olsen.