Royal Guard


Now we know how to get a Buckingham Palace guard to change his expression.

One of Queen Elizabeth II's famously stone-faced guards lost his footing last week during the traditional changing-of-the-Queen's-Guard ceremony, which occurs at 11:30 a.m. every morning during warmer months and every other day in the winter in the palace forecourt.

And of course, with hundreds of tourists gathered outside the gates to watch the distinctly royal ritual, the whole thing was caught on video.

All seemed to be going according to protocol until one young fellow slipped while attempting to change places with his left-hand man.

Bloody manhole cover!

But what particularly endears us to this chap is the fact that he allowed himself a smile (or at least a grimace) as he quickly got back on his feet—the reaction we tend to all have when we take a spill, provided we haven't injured ourselves.

The lighthearted moment—which occurred on April 9—was over within seconds, however, and then it was back to the business of standing sentry in a most serious fashion.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense told ITV that they would not be commenting on the case of a "young man falling over while doing his job."

And we salute him for his service.

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