Lucy Lawless, Lynda Carter

Robin Marchant/Getty Images

What happens when Xena meets Wonder Woman? Dreams come true, that is what happens. Seriously, dreams. Lucy Lawless and Lynda Carter together to make geeks everywhere (including me!) lose their minds.

Lawless, who is in New York City promoting WGN America's Salem, posed with Carter, TV's Wonder Woman who is in New York promoting her concert at Jazz at Lincoln Center, and let's just come out and say it: This photo is everything. Everythinggggg. Just like all the world has been waiting for Wonder Woman (according to her theme song), the world has been waiting for this photo.

Lawless played the title role in Xena: Warrior Princess for six seasons from 1995-2001. Carter was the Amazon princess in Wonder Woman from 1975-1979. The TV heroes had—and still have legions of fans and of course received quite a few comparisons.

Lucy Lawless, Lynda Carter

USA, Warner Bros.

In Double Dare, the 2004 documentary film about stunt women, Carter praised Lawless. "I think Lucy Lawless does a great job. She did a great job creating her own thing. You can't help but compare because it's the larger-than-life female—powerful woman. But I think they are so different."

Lawless tweeted about the encounter. "What a great day in glorious NYC," she said and then retweeted a fan art of Xena vs. Wonder Woman.

But let's be real, Xena and Wonder Woman would probably fight, but after their misunderstanding they'd unite to take on villains everywhere because that's what happens when superheroes meet.

And on a personal note: As a longtime fan of both these women and their famous roles, this photo brought a ton of feelings, namely pure joy. The 8-year-old in me is back in full force with a wide smile on my face because the action figure team-ups I staged all those years ago pale in comparison to actually seeing this happen. Obviously.

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