Kenan Thompson, Bill Cosby

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Bill Cosby is making headlines yet again.

At Kenan Thompson's stand-up show at the University of Pittsburgh last night, the Saturday Night Live star brought up Cosby and the many rape allegations against the TV star during his routine.

"Kenan was on for about an hour and the Bill Cosby stuff happened halfway through, I would say," Jesse Irwin, the social media editor for the Pitt News, tells E! News. "He talked about how, growing up, Bill Cosby had been his hero. He was the first or one of the first clean black comedians. So as a kid, Kenan looked up to him."

Some of that admiration changed for Thompson when he and Cosby worked together on the 2004 film Fat Albert.

"When he finally got to work with Cosby on Fat Albert, Kenan started talking about moments here and there that threw him," Irwin said, adding that Thompson said Cosby made sexually charged jokes during filming. "Kenan recalled being thrown and being all like, ‘Hey, that's not a very Cosby thing to say.'"

As for the many assault allegations that have been made toward Cosby, who denies any wrongdoing, Irwin recounted, "He said that if the allegations are true—and he made sure to mention Cosby hasn't been found guilty of anything—that he's a monster."

Irwin adds that the 36-year-old also did a pretty hilarious impersonation of Cosby that wasn't done in a mean or attacking way.

—Reporting by Beth Sobol

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