Veronica Mars and iZombie Finally Come Together in This Sneak Peek and We Love It!

Exclusive: Ryan Hansen makes his debut on the CW drama's all-new episode tonight and we have your first look

By Tierney Bricker Apr 14, 2015 8:00 PMTags

iZombie + Veronica Mars = our dream pairing.

Let's face it, seeing two of Rob Thomas' quippiest blondes together would be a little too much for our hearts to handle this early on in iZombie's run, but that doesn't mean we can't handle a delightful dash of Veronica Mars in our zombie drama.

Veronica Mars fan-favorite Ryan Hansen, who played the lovably deplorable Dick Casablancas on the beloved series and in its movie comeback, is set to guest star in tonight's episode, "Flight of the Living Dead," and we have your exclusive first look at him in all his sarcastic glory.

And yes, his character is basically Dick Casablancas 2.0 and we love it!

Hansen plays  Carson McComb on iZombie, a golden-boy professional snowboarder, who is having an affair with a marketing exec at the company that endorses him. The woman, Holly (Tasya Teles), just so happens to be one of Liv's (Rose McIver) old sorority sisters...who ends up murdered...with Liv eating her brain.

And we're guessing their affair and her death might have something to do with why Carson's being questioned by Liv and Clive (Malcolm Goodwin), though he spends most of the exclusive clip above bragging about "getting paid stupid money to put his face on things." While he loves snowboarding, he admits, "My face, it's my passion." Liv and Clive's reactions? Priceless. 

Aside from Veronica Mars and iZombie, Hansen and Thomas have also teamed up on Party Down and Play It Again, Dick, the Veronica Mars web series spinoff.

iZombie airs tonight at 9 p.m. on the CW.