Dennis Quaid has been caught on camera absolutely losing his mind while on set, but is it real?

A video has emerged of the Rookie actor having a meltdown after a member of the production team wandered into the area where he was filming. Quaid immediately freaked out, screaming expletives to anyone who would hear him.

"I am acting here, and this d--khead wanders on to my set," he screamed. "I can't even get a line out until dopey the d--k starts whispering in your ear. You're not even watching any more."

He continued to scream until he stormed off set, where instead of saying goodbye, he said, "Blow me." But was this breakdown legitimate or is it just a gag for something viewers will see at another time? But some people believe that this stunt is just a bit for Jimmy Kimmel Live!. One Reddit commenter even said he works for Jimmy Kimmel's show and can "confirm" that this is just a prank.

Dennis Quaid

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival

Another commenter wrote, "Folks, it's Jimmy Kimmel. Relax, it's all staged."

Others believe that Quaid's meltdown could be a spoof on Christian Bale's infamous rant while filming Terminator Salvation. He had gone on a verbal tirade against the director of photography, claiming he kept wandering into his eye line.

"For f--k's sake man, you amateur," Bale screamed at the time. "This is the second time he doesn't give a f--k about what is going on in front of the camera. I'm trying to do a f--king scene here."

Four days later Bale admitted he had "acted like a punk" during his rant and apologized. He called into radio station KROQ with an extensive mea culpa. "I was out of order beyond belief," he said. "I acted like a punk. There is nobody who heard the tape who is hit harder than me. I make no excuses for it. It is inexcusable."

Bale said he had decided to call the L.A.-based station because he had heard them replaying snippets of his audio recording throughout the week.

"You made me laugh in the midst of all this craziness," Bale told the radio show hosts. 

E! News has reached out for comment.

Do you think Quaid's meltdown is legitimate or just a prank? Sound off in the comments below!

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