Spoiler Chat: Who Will Die on Gossip Girl and Heroes

Get Kristin's answers to all your burning TV questions about the best shows on TV

By Kristin Dos Santos Oct 21, 2008 12:23 AMTags
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It's Monday and you know what that means: Another chance at seeing Chuck and Blair suck face tonight! On the off chance that doesn't happen, though, I have your weekly consolation prize: Answers to all your burning TV questions, chock-full of exclusive scoop you aren't supposed to know.

Want to know who's dying, who's getting pregnant, who's hooking up and who's making a surprise return on Heroes, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and Grey's Anatomy?

Of course you do! So keep reading for the dish on those shows and many more...


Amy in Reno, Nev.: Where is "Major Hottie," aka Kevin McKidd, on Grey's Anatomy? I was hoping he was going to be a regular. Do you know if he's coming back? Please, please, please let him come back!
Hey, wow, look at that. My calendar says that the fall sweeps period begins on Thurs., Oct. 30. Weird. I wonder why I just noticed that? All I know is that I hope Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Major Hottie are as on as I hear they are, and that certainly would be a good time to kick off that romance.

Randy in Manchester, N.H.: Tell me more about Ryan Walker! I am obsessed with Brothers & Sisters. Is he sticking around?
Sources tell me that the final deal hasn't been signed yet, but as reported today, Luke Grimes is set to play Ryan, and producers want him to stick around as a series regular for season four. So, yes, the Walker clan had better get used to him! I'm also told that he screen-tested with Dave Annable and Emily VanCamp, so let me be the first to say that if they hook Ryan up with Rebecca, they may have a few fan coronaries on their hands. (I'm guessing they put those three together since they are the young'uns and likely will be hanging out, but we shall see!)

Sonya in the Netherlands: Anything on One Tree Hill?
Brooke's (Sophia Bush) got a new love interest! Hot man Austin Nichols of Friday Night Lights and John From Cincinnati fame will be heading to One Tree Hill to canoodle for a while. Yum! Also, Robbie Jones (Quentin) told me this weekend, "I've actually been authorized to say yes, Quentin will be coming back. Very exciting. Actually, I'm leaving to go back next week to shoot a little more." So there you have it! We have definitely not seen the last of Q in the little town of Tree Hill.


Martha in San Francisco: Kristin, I can't wait to see Katie Holmes on Eli Stone! Any other guest appearances coming up?
Dawson's alert! Kerr Smith will be "coming on board as a senior attorney who is a good foil for Maggie," Eli Stone executive producer Marc Guggenheim tells me. Katey Sagal will be back in the second episode, but "we do end up losing her a couple of episodes in because of Sons of Anarchy." (You bikers are always up to no good!) Also, Tom Amandes will be sticking around as partner Martin Posner, and Marc adds, "Just wait! You think he was bad in the premiere—he gets much, much worse!"

Tabitha in Newnan, Ga.: When will Top Chef be back?
Top Chef premieres Nov. 14 on Bravo, and this season takes place in New York. When the chefs arrive, there are only 16 chef coats in the kitchen, but there are 17 contestants. That means someone gets the boot almost instantly, and this first elimination will be the first time in Top Chef history that a contestant is eliminated in a quick-fire challenge. Saucy!

Paula in Des Moines, Iowa: I heart Fringe. Tell me everything you know! I will die if I don't get spoilers.
Check back tomorrow when I have some goodies from the set for you, but in the meantime (so you don't die) check out my two fave Fringe sites: Fringe Fanatic and Fringe Easter Eggs.

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Julie in Highland, Ill.: Regarding Desperate Housewives: Is everyone missing the obvious? Dave Williams as Edie's hubby must be related to George Williams as Bree's pharmacist! Am I the only one who sees the connection?
A little birdie told me that there's no truth to this theory at all. As for the idea that Dave (Neal McDonough) was married to the woman who was killed in Mike (James Denton) and Susan's (Teri Hatcher) car accident, that theory remains alive.

Felipe in Brasilia, Brazil: Is true that Terminator will be canceled? Please say no.
No, a minha amiga! In fact, Fox just ordered a full season two, so the show is safe for the remainder of the year. Now we just have to get pickups for Pushing Daisies, Life and Privileged. Thoughts on how? Anyone have a magic lamp with a genie?

Sally in Albuquerque, N.M.: OMG! Is it true someone is dying on Gossip Girl?! Tell me everything!
My infallible Magic 8 Ball says: Yes! It's happening in November, and I can tell you that the character who dies is male and that he is a third wheel whose death just might clear the way for a long-awaited couple to get together. I know you can figure this one out if you put your smart little noggins together in the comments section, so have at it, will ya? (Also, um, keep reading.)

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Hannah in Dayton, Ohio: Hi Kristin! I'm dying here! I need some Gossip Girl scoop to ease my worries! Will Dan and Serena ever get back together?
Not anytime soon, but their parents might...Rufus (Matthew Settle) and Lily (Kelly Rutherford) will get closer, from what I hear.

Margo in Atlanta: I'm hating Jenny on Gossip Girl. Will she ever go back to being tame?
Not by a long shot. Dropping out of school was only the beginning, and I'm hearing the words "hostile takeover" are in her future. It happens round about episode nine and will make you feel like you did nothing at all when you were 15.

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Marcia: Spoil me big on Heroes! Who's going to die?
Coming right up! Here's your big spoil with a side of tease: I think it's pretty obvious that a certain recently dug-up bad guy (ahem, Adam) would be going back six feet under, as well as the girl who's grating on everyone's last nerve this season (ahem, Maya). But I'm also hearing of another blond female Hero/Villain (seriously, who can say who's what these days?) whose head is on the chopping block. Check back later tonight for the Heroes Redux for more!

Richard in Vashon Island, Wash.: I'm loving Heroes this year, but especially everything Bennet and the Petrelli. Got anything to share?
How something about the newest Petrelli, Sylar (Zachary Quinto)? We'll get some clues about the identity of baby Noah's mother in upcoming episodes when we see Sylar in flashbacks with a female character we know and love. He and his maybe-baby-mama knew each other way back before Gabriel Gray started slicing people's heads open.

Vince in Valparaiso, Ind.: Can you share anything on Friday Night Lights?
This is Smash's last week in Dillon, and his goodbye will break your heart. Also heartbreaking? Landry's (Jesse Plemons) goodbye to Tyra (Adrianne Palicki) after she starts seeing rodeo cowboy Cash (Zach Roerig) somewhat seriously. Of course, Tyra and Landry are officially not together, but it feels like a bad breakup just the same.

Linda in Hermosa Beach, Calif.: Office me, mama!
Huge week for Dwangela. Or to be more specific, Dwight (Rainn Wilson). The reality of Angela's (Angela Kinsey) engagement is finally catching up to him, and he's genuinely heartbroken. The only person he can turn to is Phyllis (Phyllis Smith), and her wise advice? Give Angela an ultimatum. You can only imagine how well that goes.

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Sabrina in San Diego: Do you have anything good on House and Cuddy?
You heard Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) wants to adopt a baby, right? Next week, Cuddy's prospective birth mother turns out to have some sort of mysterious disease, and lucky for her, she knows just the cranky doctor to help with the case! Does baby make three? On this show, probably not, but I predict Huddy moments galore just the same. (Oh, and P.S. congrats to Hilson for winning our fan poll! If Prop. 8 fails, perhaps we'll get a wedding?)

Lily in Hampton Roads, Va.: Hi there! Got any Lost information for us?
A very good source tells me that the information I received about off-Island Dharma stations is not quite right: There is one and only one off-Island Dharma stations—the show hasn't filmed any of those scenes yet—and that station may or may not be the key to returning to the Island. Argh! My sincere apologies. Reuniting the O6 with the Left Behinders is going to be harder than I thought.

D in Oregon: Why didn't you mention Chloe in your write-up about 24: Redemption?
I didn't mention Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub) in my write-up because Chloe is not in 24: Redemption! Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) is very isolated in this installment, and he is essentially unable to reach out to his old friends for help. However, if you like the ladies, Carly Pope is fab as the president's daughter-in-law. Can't wait to see more of her in the new season.

Matt in Santa Barbara, Calif.: Anything to share on 30 Rock, the Emmy-certified funniest show on TV?
Liz and Jack are going on a date! Sorta. When Liz (Tina Fey) goes to Pennsylvania for her high school reunion, Jack (Alec Baldwin) comes along for the ride. We learn that Liz always thought she was a big nerd, but as it turns out, she was really just a mean girl in geek's garb. Lemon becomes something of a pariah, while Jack is mistaken for a much-beloved classmate and instantly becomes the most popular guy at the reunion. Of course.

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Jennie in Missoula, Mont.: Is it true that Peyton is pregnant on One Tree Hill?
Nothing is in stone yet (nothing written as far as I know), but I'm hearing it's likely. Yay...?

Zach in Jacksonville, Fla.: 90210 scoop, please!
Attention MTV camera crews: When Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) finds out Annie has been hooking up with her sexy ex, Ethan (Dustin Milligan), she unleashes her woman-scorned fury on Annie's (Shenae Grimes) sweet 16 party.

Hilary in Portland, Ore.: What's coming up on Brothers & Sisters?
A Walker is dying! Dying—not dead—so don't start paying your condolences just yet. There's a liver failing, and a transplant needed, but the donated organ has to come from daddy. And naturally, this will be a Walker feller who didn't know he was a daddy. Who could it be? Your guesses go right down there in the comments.

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Eliza in Columbus, Ohio: Anything on Bones?
Bones and Booth fans, you should sit down for this: Brennan (Emily Deschanel) will soon be kissing someone who is not, I repeat not, Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz). Come to mama, and she'll give you a hug!

Tiffany in Houston: Please tell me that Privileged will stay on air? This show is so cute! I don't see that you've mentioned it on your chat, so I'm kind of worried! Help!
Consider it mentioned! I hope it will stay on the air as well, but just to hold you over until we find out, I'll dish that Megan (Joanna Garcia) learns of a shocking secret from Laurel's (Anne Archer) past.

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Trisha in Chicago: Hi there! Searching for some Smallville scoop! We know that in the episode "Bride," Clark and Lois will recognize the spark between them just in time for Lana to come back. Can you give us any hints about what happens there?
Well, we are going to find out why Lana (Kristin Kreuk) has returned and where she's been all these months. We'll also learn why she left that Dear John video for Clark (Tom Welling). And I'm hearing Chloe's wedding reception will not go as planned.

Lewis in Alameda, Calif.: I love, love, love True Blood. Got anything good to share?
Just lots of fantastic guest stars: Michelle Forbes as a local meddler, Stephen Root (you can also check him out on Pushing Daisies as Dwight Dixon) as a vamp victim and Zeljko Ivanek as a vampire judge (if you missed it, read up about Ivanek's upcoming Heroes gig). And not that you couldn't have guessed this, but Sookie (Anna Paquin) identifies the serial killer in the finale, and shortly thereafter finds herself in big trouble...

Miranda in Temecula, Calif.: You don't cover it much, but do you have anything on Real Housewives? It's my favorite guilty pleasure.
Yes! The Real Housewives of Orange County returns for season four on Nov. 25. I've seen the premiere, and the women haven't changed at all. In the first ep, we don't see any of the druggie kids (like Lauri's delinquent son Josh who got busted this summer for heroin and Ecstasy), but it looks like that might be in an upcoming episode. Also, Tamra is now BFF with Lauri, which they never explain, but it looks like this year it's the "kept women" versus the "career women," Jeana and Vicki.

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Lynne in Seattle: Love your spoiler column, Kristin! Also, I loved the season finale of The Closer. Any word if hottie Det. Sanchez will be back next year? So far, it's not looking so good?
Sanchez's (Raymond Cruz) prospects will look much better next year, I promise.

Jeff in Huntington Beach, Calif.: This season of CSI: New York has been great! Anything big coming up?
Not just big—explosive! A.J. Buckley (Adam Ross) just told me that in three episodes "a big bomb is going to drop." When I begged and pleaded with him to reveal if a bomb is literally going to hit our beloved New Yorker's, A.J. coyly responded, "I'm just going to say a bomb—it happens!" Where's Peter Petrelli when you need him?

Swan in New London, Conn.: Loving Private Practice this year. Got any scoop?
I just talked to the awesome Kate Walsh, so check back Wednesday for lots from her on Private Practice. Among other things, she told me that Grant Show's appearance as her brother brings out a bit of the "les enfants terribles" in them both, which I take to mean they fight like...brother and sister? (The Walkers would be so proud.)

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin, Natalie Abrams and Megan Masters