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Counting the days til the next Game of Thrones? Outlander? The Vampire Diaries? You are in good company, friend!

Here's our latest roundup of exclusive TV scoop, to tide you over...

Katie: Jamie and Claire are great, but do you have any scoop on some of the other characters? It seems like Geillis is totally up to something...
It seems like you might be right, according to Outlander star Lotte Verbeek herself, who said she was looking forward to fans getting to know the characters in a "different way." "For my character particularly, Geillis, she's going to be really surprising. You're going to see a side of her you haven't seen before. Things are going to heat up quite a bit."

Raven Symone, Empire Premiere

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Alex: I loved seeing Raven-Symone on Empire. That story is too good not to continue in season two, right?
Our thoughts exactly! So will Raven and her sweet little girl Lola be back? "Yes they will!" Jussie Smollett gushed to us at the Summer Sizzle BVI 2015 launch.

Aria: I have a hankering for some Cookie! Cookie Lyon, duh. Any Empire scoop?
They're still working on season 2, but Taraji P. Henson is already casting a love interest for her character. "I am rooting for Tyrese because I think we will actually break the Internet if that happens," she told us. Translation: Tyrese, get your agent on the phone ASAP!

The Vampire Diaries, Candice Accola, Michael Malarkey

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Thomas: So happy we're finally getting an Enzo flashback on The Vampire Diaries! But what about his love life?  Is it bad  that I want Caroline with him and not Stefan?
Sadly, Enzo's love life isn't so hot these days. "Not so much. I don't think he's quite ready to buckle down and commit with a relationship at the moment," Michael Malarkey tells us. "The stuff he has Caroline is a great little friendship and he really cares for her, but I'm not sure his feelings extend beyond that." As for Sarah Salvatore, he'll open up to her a lot more in Thursday's episode, a move he may come to regret. "He ends up confiding in her the truth about his past…but then she kind of turns the tables on him, involving a p air of chopsticks. You'll find out what that's about!"

Greg: Melisandre is already creeping me out this season on Game of Thrones. What is up with her?
You are not alone. We actually screamed during the season five premiere: Stay away from Jon Snow! "It's my favorite season as far as my character goes," Carice van Houten says. "I had a lot more to do and a little more of an arc, and you'll see things that you haven't really seen before. You've seen that I'm interacting with Jon Snow. [Stannis and I] need him. We're stronger now because we have an army and it looks like we have a chance to get on the throne. But we might need Jon Snow to do that."

Once Upon a Time, Sean Maguire

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adoringezriax: anything about Ezria from PLL?!
We'd totally tell you what's going on with Aria and Ezra, but even Lucy Hale is in the dark! "I don't know. I truly, genuinely have no idea," she tells us. "I want to think hopefully when we do the time-jump they're trying to have babies and stuff. But we'll see!" But Hale promises we will see who all the Liars are dating after the time-jump, though she wouldn't reveal exactly how many years the show will be skipping.

TLM1262: Will the significance and meaning of Robin Hood's lion tattoo be addressed on #OUAT in the future?
Even though we just found out a lot about Robin Hood in his origin story episode, we still didn't learn anything about that dang lion tattoo! Even Sean Maguire wants to know more about it. "I thought about that myself, and I'm really intrigued to hear the genesis and origin of the lion tattoo as well," Maguire says. "We just learned a lot about how Robin became the man he is today, but the lion tattoo is going to remain a secret for a bit longer."

Daniel Sharman, Teen Wolf

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Aimee: Wait, is Daniel Sharman coming back to Teen Wolf?! I think I saw Isaac at the end of that amazing new promo you posted!
OK, it did totally look like him, right?! Unfortunately, it wasn't as we confirmed that was NOT Daniel Sharman in the promo.

Jen: The Royals just gets better and better! Anything new coming up, like maybe a new romance?
Kind of! Get ready to meet a guy who makes Eleanor "fall to pieces" and act "like a total dog." That may not sound very Eleanor-like, and it's not. You're about to meet a whole new, much softer side of the princess, and you might just fall even more in love with her than you already are.

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Matt G.: So ready for the next crossover between Arrow and The Flash! How will Ray get along with everyone at Star Labs? 
Expect a total "love story" between Ray and Cisco. "They're able to geek out on the tech, science aspects of the suit and everything else," Brandon Routh says. "And Ray is honored and thinks it's very cool to meet Harrison Wells...someone he's looked up to in his pursuit of technology and science." As for any awkwardness between Ray and Barry, due to the Felicity of it all, Routh teases, "I think there's a clash with Barry in a way, but Ray is unaware of it...Barry still has feelings for Felicity, I think. But really there aren't a lot of interactions between Barry and Ray necessarily because Barry has this knowledge that he has just learned and it's challenging him about who he can trust. He doesn't have time for new people so much!"

Becky: Confession: I love Faking It! Got any scoop on the new season?
"You're going to see heartbreak," star Katie Stevens teases. "You're going to see girl kisses, you're going to see guy kisses, you're going to see girl-guy kisses…we've got it all!"

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