YouTube Star Mamrie Hart Tells Us Why the Duggars Really Need a Drink This Week

Sorry Nina, this YouTube star doesn't feel bad for you

By Seija Rankin Apr 10, 2015 9:48 PMTags
Watch: Mamrie Hart Decides Which Celebs Need a Drink!

It's not every day we get to drink in the office. And it's not every day that we get to drink in the office with a bona fide YouTube star.

Mamrie Hart's show You Deserve a Drink has over 845,000 subscribers and her book of the same name is due out on May 26 (oh, and you can also look for her to make appearance on the upcoming season of E!'s own The Grace Helbig Show.)

Since she's basically an expert in helping people get drunk, we decided to tap into that expertise during her visit. And no, that doesn't just mean we hit her up to make us some lunchtime drinks (although we did take full advantage of her beverage skills). 

Instead we decided to have her play our own E! version of Who Deserves a Drink, featuring some of our favorite (and maybe least favorite) celebs. Just be warned that no one is safe from Mamrie's hilarious scorn—not even One Direction or Nina Dobrev. And certainly not the Duggars. 

Watch the full video to find out who could stand to throw back a martini or two, and then maybe fix yourself a little somethin'-somethin'. It is Friday after all.