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In a world where hip-hop music is dominated by male rappers, Nicki Minaj has managed to come in and make her presence known.

With a Young Money Entertainment record deal, four American Music Awards, six Grammy nods, some big-name endorsement deals (like MAC, OPI and Pepsi to name a few) and being the most-charted female rapper in the history of the Billboard Hot 100, there's no doubt that Minaj has slayed the game.

So who better to give the women of our future some Do's and Don'ts on being a boss? The 32-year-old shared some words of wisdom with Glamour magazine's May issue on a variety of topics spanning from wardrobe to labels and so much more.

Nicki Minaj, Grammy Awards

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Nicki wants women to know they need to have a clear vision for whey do.

"I wanted to take my time with [my new album] and show people I was capable of making something people could really relate to," she explains.

"Jay-Z has always been a role model because he inspires people [to believe] they can go from selling drugs to being one of the most celebrated businessmen of our time. That's what I want to do for young girls, to say, ‘It doesn't matter where you started in your life. You too can become a mogul and anything you want to be.'"

American Idol GIF, Nicki Minaj

You can even become a mogul while wearing bright colored wigs and flaunting your curves, according to Minaj, who says you shouldn't dress for anyone but yourself.

"I like looking more toned down now. I haven't been doing it for other people; I've been doing it for myself. I do think when people see you [looking more] toned back, they take you more seriously. But women should do what makes them happiest and strongest. I wore my colorful wigs to meetings with millionaires and people I'd looked up to forever. I was a businesswoman closing humongous deals even when I had pink hair."

With that said, don't let labels get to you. "I used to be so, so hurt by the way women are labeled as bitches—it would just make me angry. I would work around powerful men all day, every day, and their attitudes were horrible, but a man just gets a pass. He gets The Man Pass!"

She continues, "The Donald Trumps and Kanye Wests and Lil Waynes can have a bad day, they can be cocky and disrespectful and arrogant, and at the end of the day we laugh at it. With a woman it's always like, 'Excuse me, how dare you?' But I've always been a 'Where there's a will, there's a way' kind of person. I know I'm as great as the great men in hip-hop, in terms of being an MC. And I think, secretly, they all know! Your overall confidence has to come from within."

And it's not just Minaj's fans who appreciate the artist's strength and confidence.

In an Instagram post shared earlier today, rumored boyfriend Meek Mill seemingly confirmed their relationship while highlighting and praising those exact attributes in his lady.

"Find a woman that you think is strong enough 2 help you takeover the world! #hood #sexy #dimepiece #swimingpool #hustler #flymouth #richatheartandatpocket #beast #hitta #potna #imlucky @nickiminaj," he wrote with a sexy pic of Minaj.

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