Mad Men, Season 7 Episode 8


Dakota Johnson does not have the hot Hollywood daughter department all to herself.

It turns out that the nubile ingenue whom Jon Hamm's Don Draper was undressing with his eyes on the season premiere of Mad Men Sunday was none other than Andie MacDowell's eldest daughter, Rainey Qualley.

Not that there was a big secret surrounding her casting, but this is easily the model, actress and aspiring country singer's most high-profile role to date!

In the intentionally misleading opening sequence, Draper is giving Qualley's character, Cindy, quite the lascivious look.

Mad Men, Season 7 Episode 8


"I've never worn mink before," she says, the first words of the second half of Mad Men's seventh and final season.

"That's chinchilla, and it costs $15,000," Draper corrects her. "How does that make you feel?"

"Nervous," she replies, to which he reminds her, "You're not supposed to talk."

Chills, right? Of course, but after a few more uncomfortable moments in which all you can think is, "well, somebody hasn't changed since last season," the scene eventually pans out to show that Cindy is auditioning for a commercial and Pete, Ted and more are also sitting right there!

Mad Men, Season 7 Episode 8


Either way, that was quite the auspicious TV debut for Qualley, who after doing the honors as Miss Golden Globe 2012 (following in the footsteps of fellow famous-daughter Johnson, Miss GG 2006) appeared in a couple of indie films.

Rainey Qualley, Golden Globes 2012

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

But even though her Mad Men appearance has already gotten people talking, Qualley didn't even mention her big moment when she sat down with Fox News' 411 Country last week to discuss her singing career. They did, however, touch on the pros and cons of having grown up so close to showbiz. Sister Margaret Qualley, also an actress, is on the HBO drama The Leftovers and, of course, there's her model-actress mom, star of Green Card, Groundhog's Day and more.

"Well I think people kind of have a preconceived idea of who you are, what your life has been like, and I don't know if that's necessarily detrimental or positive," Rainey, one of MacDowell's three children with ex-husband Paul Qualley, said.

"I think it probably depends on, the person's perspective. I mean, I think in some ways people kind of hold you to a different standard or assume that anything that you attain was just handed to you. But I don't know...I'm happy to be in the circumstance I'm in and I've worked hard and written all this music."

Andie MacDowell, Rainey Qualley

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

As for MacDowell, "she always has encouraged my siblings and I to work hard and know what you want and work towards a goal and I think that's applicable in any field," Qualley said.

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