Heidi Montag, Jordan Eubanks

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More than two years after sharing a tear-filled breakup with Heidi Montag on the season-one finale of The Hills, Jordan Eubanks is finally speaking out about his ex-girlfriend...and it ain't so sweet!

"Since dating Spencer [Pratt], Heidi's whole mentality has changed—everything has changed," Eubanks said last night at the Fallout 3 video game launch party in Los Angeles. "It's almost indescribable. You almost had to have known her to know what I'm talking about. But I'm telling you, she's completely different. She's done a total 180, and I think it's so sad."

Brian Drolet, also formerly of The Hills, agrees with Eubanks. "Spencer has done a great job of exploiting Heidi. If I ever see them out, I might hit 'em with something. They are just ridiculous."

But the hating doesn't stop here...

Eubanks and Drolet, avid YouTubers, say their latest video project oughta be an interesting one. "Let's just say it touches on a certain relationship with a certain person," Eubanks laughed. And while the duo won't give away too much more information, Eubanks does say, "If you watch Tupac's video 'Hit 'Em Up', you'll know what we mean by the idea of our video. It's gonna be great, it's gonna be hilarious."

The two former Hills guys say they are still on very friendly terms with Lauren Conrad and Jason Wahler. And as far as Heidi and Lauren's STK-bonding the other night goes, "I know for a fact Lauren will never really become friends with Heidi again, because Lauren is a genuine, awesome person," says Drolet. "We all went through Heidi's transformation as a group, and we know the reunion of their friendship ain't happenin'."

So who else headed downtown to watch Foo Fighters perform at the event last night? Mischa Barton, Matt Leinart, Nick Lachey, Rumer Willis, Lauren Conrad (hugging and kissing her assumed boyfriend Kyle Howard), Frankie Delgado, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Mike "The Miz" Mizanin, Dave Annable, Ryan Eggold, Holly Montag, Chris Masterson and Aisha Tyler.

—Written by Dahvi Shira. Marc is in Europe to run the marathon in Amsterdam.

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