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Time to pop a little champagne!

One of our favorite TV couples is getting engaged, and fun fact: I'm legit all tingly about it. Or maybe that's this rash that won't clear up? #InappropriateHumor

Read on for the latest roundup of exclusive TV scoop!

Kristin: Kristin, what are you most excited about that's happening soon on TV, Kristin?
Why, thanks for the great question, Kristin! You are looking so pretty today! One of my all-time favorite TV couples is getting engaged and it is happening in the show's season finale in May. I will cry. You will cry. GET READY, INTERNET. Guesses? Tweet them at  me (@kristindsantos) or post them in the comments! It's an engagement that is a LONG time coming...

Eric: I need scoop on Game of Thrones. I don't want it, I need it!
Get ready for one intense just a few days! Winter is coming…and so are some long-awaited reunions! "The big thing is, we're past the halfway point of this story, and we're getting closer to the end of Game of Thrones," Nikolaj Coster-Waldau tells me. "The stakes have always been high but they're getting higher and some of the major characters that haven't met before will meet. It's very exciting."

Claire Holt, The Originals

Annette Brown/The CW

Bree: Got any goodies to share about The Originals?
When we sat down with the original Original sister, Claire Holt, to talk about her upcoming NBC show Aquarius, we just had to ask if we'll be seeing the original body of Rebekah on the CW show anytime soon. "Yes! They've been really great with Aquarius, in sharing, so I hope I can continue to do both in some capacity," Holt says. "Definitely, when I can, I am going to venture back to that world." And how does she feel about the new Rebekah, played by Maisie Richardon-Sellers? "She's doing a great job. Maybe a little too good," Holt says with a laugh. "I was hoping she wouldn't be so good."

Leo: Voting fraud, again? Don't they learn on The Good Wife? What's going to happen?!
You know we love spoilers, but we can't give EVERYTHING away. However, we can warn you to expect the unexpected. You know The Good Wife isn't afraid of change…

Lisa: I'm loving The Royals so far! It's my new obsession, and I need scoop pronto!
As and ye shall receive! "In episodes to come, there is someone who comes from Eleanor's past," Alexandra Parks tells me. "He's nothing like Jasper. He's good-looking like Jasper! That's about it." And expect to see everyone dressed to the nines for an upcoming ball! "We also go to a grand ball," Merritt Patterson says. "I got to wear an Elizabeth Emanuel dress—she did Princess Diana's wedding dress—so that was really incredible."



Allison: I'm so scared about the end of this season of Outlander! Is the show going to get as graphic as the books do?
We're scared too, and we got even more scared after asking Tobias Menzies, who plays the beyond evil Black Jack Randall, that very same question: "I think it will be as graphic, yes," Menzies says. "I don't think we've ducked what Diana [Gabaldon] wrote, which is going to be some of the darkest stuff she wrote." Pair this with the fact that Menzies joked(?) at this year's PaleyFest panel that he would not have taken the role if he knew exactly what he was going to have to do, and we're pretty sure this is going to be brutal. Are you terrified yet, non-book readers? Because you should be. 

Nelly283: The Outlander premiere was spectacular!!! What's next?
In this Saturday's episode, we learn someone's preggo, and someone's no longer living. So basically, just a really boring hour of television…IN OPPOSITE LAND! (I hang out with small children far too often.) A grown-up would tell you that it's another fantastic episode, filled with brilliant acting and writing, and gearing up for episode 111 (airing April 18), which has two jaw-dropping shockers for anyone who hasn't read the books. Two moments that change everything moving forward. Book fans, any guesses?

MonicaHoodMills: will we see how he became Robin Hood? #OUAT
When we asked Sean Maguire to sum up this week's Robin Hood-centric episode of Once Upon a Time, he chose these: "Robin Hood's origins." So we'll take that as a yes!

Hannah Simone, Max Greenfield, New Girl

Ray Mickshaw/FOX

Elizabeth: Got anything on New Girl?
Just because Nick and Schmidt may butt heads from time to time as roommates, don't expect their new business venture to fail immediately. In fact, it might actually be doing them some good! "If it's one thing that Nick and Schmidt are, it's good business partners," Max Greenfield says. "The bar is working out well thus far."

Georgia: Anything on Steroline and Snowbarry #TVD #TheFlash
We'll take…door number two! Barry and Caitlin are about to get closer than they've ever been before…and there might even be some kissing involved. Go ahead, commence freaking out, we'll wait.

Sam: I'm still in shock from that Reverse Flash twist on The Flash! Got any scoop on the real Eobard Thawne?
The first time Matt Letscher donned that yellow super suit, he had a very distinct first thought. "I shouldn't have had that donut at lunch," Letscher says with a laugh. "The suit was designed for Tom [Cavanagh], so there was a little bit of squeezing to get in there because Tom is a slimmer man than I. But there's always a sense of awe when you put on a suit like that, a metahuman/superhero suit. You tend to feel special and honored. It's just so cool. It's such a Hollywood moment that you thought about when you were a kid, and so to get to do it now is just as amazing."

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD


Mara: I need anything you've got on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.!
Tonight's episode is one of our favorites of the season…for many different reasons. Luke Mitchell finally makes his grand debut as Lincoln, an Inhuman who's going to make quite the impression on Skye. "Lincoln is definitely one of the characters who helps Skye adjust with her powers, being an Inhuman himself," Chloe Bennet says. "He helps Skye adjust to her new powers in a way that makes her more comfortable with them." Mitchell adds: "He's reasonably confident in his own abilities. He's quite knowledgeable and very enthusiastic about the whole Inhuman thing." BONUS SCOOP: expect sparks to fly between Skye and Lincoln. "And they might kind of like each other maybe at some point," Bennet says. "I think fans are really going to like him on the show and really ship our relationship. They're already shipping it and they haven't seen anything which is kind of amazing. It's gone up in flames on Twitter."

Tammy: I'm ready for some warm weather and a return to the Hamptons. Royal Pains scoop?
This should warm you right up: Divya (Reshma Shetty) has a little tango with a new character, Akua Quami, a "handsome African prince" who will appear in at handful of episodes.

The Americans, Matthew Rhys, Keri Russell

Patrick Harbron/FX

Marisa: For the love of Birdbones, what is happening with Playing House?
Good news, Jammer. Playing House season two starts shooting this June—the cast is doing table reads now—you should check out Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham on Instagram from some goodies. And get this! USA Network just announced Playing House season two will premiere on Tuesday, August 4 at 10 p.m. Jess and Len are back, along with Keegan Michael Key and Lindsay Sloane. The ladies are now acting as co-parents to baby Charlotte, so you know hijinks will ensue.

Sam: Anything on The Americans? I'm so glad that Paige finally knows about her parents!
We are too, and if you're anything like us, you'll really feel for her this week as she bombards Phil and Elizabeth with all the same questions you're naturally going to have when you find out your parents are Russian spies: What are your real names? Isn't your best friend an FBI agent? Why don't you have accents? The poor girl is totally emotionally traumatized, but on the bright side, she and Elizabeth get to bond now in a way they never could before. 

Tyler: Finding Carter is finally back! Yes! Got any scoop to share?
Not only is our favorite MTV family drama back, but so is a certain blonde-haired, gun-wielding ex-boyfriend of Carter's. Yes, that's right, Crash also returns in tonight's episode, and he's hell-bent on earning forgiveness from everyone, but most importantly Max! But seeing as how Max is still dealing with the physical fallout from getting shot, don't expect him to be open to Crash's apologies. In fact, fists are going to fly.

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—Additional reporting by Tierney Bricker, Chris Harnick and Sydney Bucksbaum

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