Oh, Tom. Tommy. Thomas! What did you just say?!

On Friday night's episode of Jeopardy, a contestant named Tom started trending on Twitter for a reason you never, ever want to be trending on Twitter. He answered a Jeopardy question (or is it questioned a Jeopardy answer?) in a way that left everyone feeling a tad uncomfortable.

The answer: "In common law, the age of this, signaling adulthood, is presumed to be 14 in boys and 12 in girls."

Good ol' Tommy buzzed in and responded: "What is the age of consent?"

Alex Trebek's clipped "no" kind of said it all, but to be fair, the "common law" part of the question was a bit confusing. The correct answer was "puberty," which is funny since we bet Tom would have rather gone back in time to go through that awful stage in his life again than be on that Jeopardy stage after giving that awkward answer.

#Jeopardy lit up Twitter's trending topics after Tom's moment in the spotlight, mostly with people hoping that he made an honest mistake and doesn't actually think the age of consent is 14 in boys and 12 in girls.

On an unrelated note, Tom kind of looks like Walter White. So we like to think of this episode of Jeopardy as what Walt would have done to make money on Breaking Bad had he not gone in the meth-making business.

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