John Oliver

Emily Shur/HBO

John Oliver went to Moscow in secret and interviewed Edward Snowden for his HBO series Last Week Tonight. No big deal or anything.

"Our main story tonight is government surveillance. I realize most people would rather have a conversation about literally any topic, including 'Is my smartphone giving me cancer?' To which the answer is: Probably. Or, 'Do goldfish suffer from depression?' To which the answer is: Yes, but very briefly," Oliver sad in his opening.

Oliver sat down with Snowden to discuss government surveillance and what checks are in place on America's programs. The conversation also included discussion of sexts with penis pictures. Naturally.

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"Surprise!" Oliver tweeted on Sunday night. And oh what a surprise it was. "Yes, last week, I spent 48 paranoid hours in Moscow," Oliver said a voiceover. "Arguably the last place on earth where you can find an overweight Joseph Stalin impersonator arguing with an unconvincing fake Lenin."

Snowden was over an hour late to the interview, prompting a very nervous Oliver to do what he does best: quip. When Snowden did show up, Oliver pulled out the big guns: "Do you miss Hot Pockets?" he asked.

"Yes, I miss Hot Pockets very much," Snowden said.

Oliver then presented him with "truck nuts," fake testicles that hang on the backsides of trucks. Of course. But the funny questions took a backseat and Oliver held no punches in the interview before getting back into some funny bits. "I guess on the plus side you might be able to go home because it seems like no one knows who the f--k you are," Oliver told Snowden after showing him video of Americans trying to name Snowden's impact on the world.

And then the conversation took a turn toward "d--k pics."

Click play on the video above to see the full 33-minute segment in all its glory.

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