Ahh, teen angst.

The sounds of sobbing and screaming when the world seems to be crashing down are probably the only noises you'll hear when raising a daughter—at least while she's 13-18. But David Letterman and Kelly Ripa want everyone to be able to enjoy these wonderful moments, so the Late Show host asked the Live! With Kelly and Michael host to impersonate her 13-year-old daughter on Thursday's show.

Doing her best "valley girl" impression, Ripa began to quote some her daughter's most famous woes. "'You don't understand,'" she said, adding, "'My math teacher is just like so hard on me. I got a 90 percent, which is like a 100 percent.'"

Noticing the exaggerated way she moved her mouth, Letterman asked the fellow talk show host why she believes her daughter exaggerates her words so much.

Fortunately, Ripa had some answers.

Kelly Ripa, Late Show


"Her mouth never closes," she explained. "It's just a series of tongue maneuvers."

Raising her daughter in New York, Ripa doesn't understand where Lola Grace Conseulos' dragging vocals came from, but said that her daughter's key complaints make it hard to take her seriously, especially knowing her friends will tell her everything they see on the show!

"'I don't even understand why I can't have a teeny bikini because all my friends have one. And you and Dad are just, like, you're just like such strict parents! I don't even understand why I can't have any privacy in the world,'" she said while continuing to impersonate her daughter.

Kelly Ripa, Lola Consuelos

Sara Jaye Weiss/StartraksPhoto.com

But like any mother-daughter duo, Ripa and Lola have their fights, which immediately intrigued the Late Show host since he has an 11-year-old son and not a daughter. Ripa called an incident during a recent family where she didn't want her son to drive at night, which meant Lola couldn't go somewhere with some pals. Probably suffering from "fear of missing out disorder" AKA FOMO, Lola yelled at her mom for "ruining her life," which only made Letterman laugh.

"You ruined her life because she's not going to be in the teen car," he cackled.

Teen drama at its finest. 

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