So Is Jake Ballard Evil on Scandal Or What?

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By Lauren Piester Apr 03, 2015 3:16 AMTags
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So is Jake Ballard evil?

Fortunately, the answer to that question is: of course not, because no one in their right mind would make this cute little face evil: 

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This is Scandal, people, so everything is not as it seems. It turns out that if Jake is to be believed, he's not nearly as horrible of a murderer as we had been led to believe he was.

Huck, Quinn, Charlie, and David were determined to bring Jake down since he was determined to not let Huck bring down B613, and they did everything they could to try to get him caught in the act without telling Olivia (even though not telling Olivia anything never works in anyone's favor) including sending coralling a few other B613 agents to help them. The agents ended up brutally murdered, which led the new Scooby gang to decide that Jake had to be killed.

After David's assistant Holly – who we don't remember existing before now – filed some papers or something, Jake then showed up in that really unfortunate apartment across from Olivia's to ominously be all, "if you hurt me, I'll kill Liv," even though we didn't believe it for a second.

Then, while David and poor stranger Holly were in the parking garage, about to leave, Jake showed up. It looked like he was about to shoot David right in the head, but it was a fake out! He was actually there to kill Holly! Holly was actually B613 the whole time, hiding under beds looking like a deranged groundhog after murdering those B613 agents earlier.

According to Jake, she was actually the one who killed everyone Jake had been accused of killing, but that part confuses us. 

The next twist was that Olivia had known all along that her pals were investigating her former honey pot and had actually been working with Jake the whole time as he listened in on all of their conversations about killing him.

Meanwhile, Mellie's sorta horrible sister arrived and drove Mellie back to the hooch (yaaassss Drunk Mellie), but then Fitz talked to the sister and it all became OK again, because Fitz is apparently the savior of the universe. 

Oh, and Liv spent the episode going by the name Alex and hooking up with a hot dude named Russell and/or Franklin, buuuuut it turns out he's probably working for Papa Pope, who showed up at Liv's door at the end of the episode.

There was also a case-of-the-week but it was almost an afterthought that hardly mattered in the grand scheme of anything. 

So no, Jake Ballard is not evil, but Liv's new guy might be, and that sucks. For once, we just wanted Olivia to find a nice dude who wasn't potentially going to kill her, sell her out to her father, or start an entire war just because he loves her. Is there no dude who will just occasionally buy her dinner or jewelry and bring her soup when she's sick?

Is that too much to ask for Olivia Pope?!