Will Ferrell: Never Mind About My Lifetime Movie With Kristen Wiig Because The Internet Ruined Everything

Way to crush our dreams, Will Ferrell

By Lauren Piester Apr 03, 2015 1:16 AMTags
Will Ferrell, Kristen WiigEric Charbonneau/Invision for Warner Bros./AP Images, Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

So much for what was about to be the greatest thing we had ever seen.

Apparently, that secret Will Ferrell/Kristen Wiig Lifetime movie – AKA what was going to be our new favorite thing in the history of ever – is no longer happening, and it's all because of the internet, according to Ferrell.

It seems that the entire project hinged on it actually staying top secret, and after the news leaked of its existence, the whole thing was totally scrapped.

In a statement to EW, Will Ferrell said: "We are deeply disappointed that our planned top secret project was made public. Kristen and I have decided it is in the best interest for everyone to forego the project entirely, and we thank Lifetime and all the people who were ready to help us make this film."

Uh, who exactly is this "everyone" you're referring to, Will, because this is certainly not in our best interest. In fact, this is very much against our best interests. Our health will probably suffer because of this due to our deep disappointment. 

Hopefully the star is screwing with us, but we're also beginning to question whether this movie ever existed at all, despite the fact that it had apparently already been filmed. Could this have been an extremely elaborate April Fools' Day prank that went awry? Did another assistant make a bad joke? We don't know, and we may never know.

All that we do know is that we're very unhappy.

The now possibly imaginary quasi-parody of Lifetime movies, which was supposed to air this summer, was going to be called A Deadly Adoption. It would have starred Ferrell and Wiig as a husband and wife who would have taken in a pregnant woman in the hopes of adopting her baby. However, things would have not gone as planned, and things would have gotten crazy, and we would have been so happy about it but now all we have is the dream of a thing that once (or never) was.

Darn you, Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig. Darn you forever