Ronda Rousey might be new to the acting scene, but she certainly isn't new to fighting. The UFC champion took her skills to another level in Furious 7, where she got to kick Michelle Rodriguez's butt!

The epic fight scene takes place in a billionaire's penthouse in Abu Dhabi—no big deal—and both women give the brawl their all as they claw their way around in gowns, heels and other not-meant-for fighting accessories. But before shooting her scenes, Rousey dished to E! News that she was feeling antsy!

"Every time I'm on a new set I get super nervous," she confessed to us at the movie's premiere Wednesday night. "I just want every body to like me!"

Even though she has been in the ring with some of the world's toughest fighters, Rousey admitted that this was one of her most painful fights! How could that be, you might wonder. It turns out their costumes and set surfaces made it a wee bit more hurtful (physically).

Rhonda Rousey, Furious 7


"Heels, designer dresses, marble floors...It was the most intense and painful fight that any of the guys could possibly have," she said.

Whoa, throwing some shade against your male costars, Ronda?! She added, "If any of those guys did what they did in heels I would've been extra impressed."

The UFC heavyweight did give costar Vin Dieselprops, who helped her get through filming...she is a beginner, after all! "I'm very appreciative to him for everything," she said. "For just the opportunity and for the advice and mentoring. He's just been fantastic."

Apparently we won't be seeing the last of her either! She told E! news that her character, Cara, could make further appearances in upcoming sequels. So does that mean there will be a Fast and Furious 8?! Ludacris revealed to E! News that nothing is confirmed...yet.

"There have been talks about a sequel but nothing has been confirmed in terms of Furious 8, but I really feel like we need to let the fans decide whether there's going to be a Furious 8 and we'll work it from there," he revealed. "Right now we kind of need a moment of silence to reflect on this individual who started the franchise. So rest in peace, Paul Walker."

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