Is Ludacris all about that bass? 

The 37-year-old rapper stopped by the E! News studio on Tuesday (be sure to watch the interview tonight!) to chat about the release of his 8th studio album, Ludaversal, which debuted today, and revealed which artist he hopes collaborate with in the future (the answer will certainly shock you). 

"I heard Meghan Trainor expressed some interest in wanting to work with me, so maybe we can make a great collaboration," Ludacris (real name Chris Bridges), who is also promoting his forthcoming film Furious 7, told E! News. "It just depends on what the song sounds like." 

Are you listening, Ms. Trainor? 

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Ludaversal hit airwaves today, four years after the release of the musician's certified gold album Battle of the Sexes, and the project was produced solely for the rapper's loyal fans. "It's my most vulnerable album—the old Ludacris mixed with the new Ludacris—it's giving the fans exactly what they want," he dished. 

So, what can we expect from the record?

"Therapy! That's what music is all about," he explained. "You should be able to listen to music and it lowers your blood pressure, it makes you feel better about yourself." 

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Ludacris, who couldn't help but dish on his "amazing" life with his pregnant wife Eudoxie Agnan (tune in to E! News for the full scoop!), also expressed gratitude over the positive album reviews and proved that he doesn't take his success for granted. 

"It's been overwhelmingly great, positive feedback—and I'm not just saying that. It warms my heart to know that I've been working on something for years with all of my heart and soul, and to get this kind of feedback, I'm loving it," he shared, "It's just reinforcing how powerful, how strong this album Ludaversal is." 

For more from Ludacris, be sure to tune into E! News at 7:00 and 11:30 p.m.! 

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