Any day where a show we love doesn't get canceled is a good day!

Fox's New Girl is officially coming back for a fifth season—and in fact, they've already begun shooting season five. 

E! News was on set yesterday as the cast celebrated the great news (OK, who are we kidding? They knew for a while! But now it's finally official), while shooting the fifth season premiere. See what hints they had to drop about season five in the video above! 

Zooey Deschanel told us she's thrilled to be coming back for more—along with, of course, her impending motherhood. The 34-year-old star announced in January that she's having a baby with now fiancé Jacob Pachenek.

Fox and New Girl producers decided to roll right into production of season five, while Zooey is still able to work, so that she'll have time off when the baby comes (as—you might have heard—new moms do). The cast will shoot a handful of episodes for season five before going on hiatus.


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New Girl is all-new tonight, with a very funny episode in which Jess (Deschanel) crashes a funeral in order to try to delete a sext from the deceased, as one does. There are four episodes left for season four.

After an uneven third season, the show has made a stellar comeback creatively this year, wowing fans and critics alike with some of its best episodes yet. 

"I have been having a lot of fun in the writers' room this year putting some of the relationship drama aside and just focusing on making the stories as funny as possible," creator Liz Meriwether told us. "Surprisingly, telling stories about smaller events in the characters' lives has actually deepened the relationships on the show.  It turns out the best way to tell a story about a relationship is to not tell a story about a relationship.  I'm going to get that quote tattooed to my lower back later." Sounds about right!

Congrats to the entire New Girl team! Celebratory round of True American?

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