David Beckham Tagged Along on Brooklyn Beckham's First Date and Explains Why He Forced His Son to Find a Job!

Plus, find out if the famous family plans to move back to L.A.

By Zach Johnson Mar 31, 2015 2:20 PMTags

 David Beckham takes daddy duty very seriously.

In fact, after his eldest son Brooklyn Beckham turned 14 years old in 2013, the soccer player and his fashion designer wife Victoria Beckham forced the teen to get a job at "a small French café in London." As David told James Corden on CBS' Late Late Show Monday, "You know what kids are like! They want new soccer boots. They want new sneakers. It came to the point where turned 14 and I thought, 'If you want something then go and work, and then you've got your own money.'" At first, Brooklyn responded as most kids his age do. "Much to his dismay we packed him off to the French café and he works there every Saturday and Sunday for a few hours," the athlete, 39, recalled. "He gets his own pocket money."

Now that Brooklyn is busy playing soccer and being a part-time model, he's less interested in the café. "I heard him telling his smaller brother the other day and asking him if he would take over his job," he said.

Corden noted that the 16-year-old is a "good-looking boy" and "must be getting quite into the dating circle."

"He's gonna hate me for this, but yeah," David said as the camera panned to Brooklyn in the audience.

Brooklyn, who was linked to Chloë Grace Moretz last year, is quite a charmer. "On his first date, which he was about 14 and a half, Victoria was actually in London. It was Valentine's Day and he said, 'I'd love to take this girl to dinner.' I said, 'OK, great.' I spoke to Victoria and she was like, 'Really?' I said, 'Yeah, he's going to do it.' She said, 'OK. Make sure you take him and make sure you sit in the restaurant.' I was like, 'Really? You're gonna make me do that? She said, 'Yep. That's the only way I'm going to let him go.' So we took him to a small sushi restaurant and he sat at the sushi bar and I sat about five tables back."

Corden then pointed out the obvious.

"It's not like you can ever go incognito somewhere though!" the host said. David laughed and added, "My daughter [Harper Beckham] is 4 years old. When she gets to that age, I will be closer than that!"

During the interview, David also opened up about his family's return to Europe.

"I love London, but we miss L.A. as a family every single day. It was so great to us for so many years. We was here for six years. We got treated unbelievably well as a family and also in my profession," the former L.A. Galaxy player told Corden, who also hails from the U.K. "It was amazing to actually be here."

"We come back every time children are on holiday. They're off school for three and a half weeks...I can't remember getting three and a half weeks off for a holiday! Time's change, but it's so nice to be back."

That gave Corden an idea.

"Why don't you move back?" the Into the Woods actor asked. "You can come back, we can go to SoulCycle together. We can drink cold pressed juices. Just the two of us—two guys hanging out."