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Let's be real—most of us are ashamed by our TV show choices. Why do you think most people don't want anybody to see what's saved on their DVR? Because when they see Love & Hip Hop and Bad Girls Club on there, judgment follows.

But it's all good. We've all succumbed to the guilty pleasure that is reality television, and that's because the drama is just too hard to resist.

What's more? Just when you think another season of crazy you-know-what has come and gone, you're treated with a reunion show! And those are sometimes even better than the entire season all-together.

So, with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion premiering tonight (which will surely give us something to revel over), we thought we'd celebrate by taking a look back at 14 juicy reunion show moments that make us accept the fact that, yes, we love our reality TV.

1. Porsha Williams vs. Kenya Moore, Real Housewives of Atlanta: Hotlanta will never be the same! The Real Housewives franchise learned a valuable lesson in that props aren't necessary after Kenya brought along a megaphone. For better or worse, Porsha couldn't take it anymore and ultimately grabbed her co-star by the weave. That behavior will result in a "Bye Felicia." 

2. Andi Dorfman vs. Nick Viall, The Bachelorette: Was it a case of bitter rejection or diarrhea of the mouth? We're still not entirely sure, but when The Bachelorette's runner up openly revealed that the duo had sex during their time in the fantasy suite together—jaws dropped. And we loved it.

3. New York vs. Everyone, Flavor of Love: Punches weren't the only thing thrown at this show! When New York appeared on the stage, several castmembers were willing to get down and dirty to fight the HBIC. Perhaps Buckwild had the best strategy when she simply threw a shoe at her enemy's face. Way to keep it classy, ladies! 

4. Drita vs. Ramona, Mob Wives: Anyone who has seen even a minute of this VH1 gem knows that it doesn't take much for these women to pop off. So when Ramona started giving Drita some lip during the reunion, it wasn't long before security and producers were all on stage to make sure no punches were thrown. Meanwhile, host Joy Behar just sat back and enjoyed the show.

5. Bethenny Frankel vs. Kelly Bensimon, Real Housewives of New York City: After Scary Island, we were hoping for some clarity on Kelly's odd behavior. But instead of getting answers, we got more questions especially when the woman in question walked off. Cuckoo has left the building!  

6. Joseline Hernandez vs. Althea Eaton, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: You don't mess with Joseline Hernandez, honey. After beefing for most of the season, Joseline and her boo Stevie J just about had it with Benzino and his girl Althea. So as the group returned from commercial break, the guys were still throwing verbal jabs and looks at each other which ultimately ended up in one of the biggest brawls on reunion show history. The ratchetry is real, folks.

7. Heather Chadwell vs. Daisy de la Hoya, Rock of Love: They may not have won Bret Michael's heart, but these two contestants were determined to come out on top once their feud reached a boiling point at the reunion. With a simple push, Heather started a fight that proved every VH1 reality show has its thornes. 

8. Jason Mesnick vs. Melissa Rycroft, The Bachelor: Breakups are awkward as it is, but imagine getting broken up with from a guy who proposed to you on live TV…FOR ANOTHER GIRL! That's what happened here and it instantly became one of the most famous scenes in reunion history. We all felt for Melissa in that moment and repeated after her when she said, "You are such a bastard."

9. Brooks Ayers vs. Briana Wolfsmith-Culberson, Real Housewives of Orange County: You know your daughter doesn't approve of your boyfriend when she exposes the dirty truth on national TV. While Vicki Gunvalson tried to get fans excited about her man, Briana couldn't help but reveal a voicemail that may be unforgettable to some. This certainly wasn't a family united by Bravo. 

10. Erica vs. The Twins, Bad Girls Club: When you have a reality show that strictly focuses on the outlandish behavior of some women, what else would you expect during a reunion show? Of course things got heated! Especially when there's a history of tension and someone yelling, "You're an undercover ho that sucks d--k for red bottoms."

11. Suzie Ketcham vs. Sandra Lopez, Basketball Wives: When things get heated at reunions, what better way to let out your frustrations than by pouring a giant bucket of water on your enemies head? Let's just say when someone got soaked, the heels quickly come off!

12. Stassi vs. Kristen, Vanderpump Rules: It's not always yelling naughty four-letter words and puttings hands on one another that make reunion shows juicy. Sometimes it's the crocodile tears. Although there was a physical confrontation during the season, Stassi and Kristen kept the drama limited to waterworks for the reunion.

13. Teresa Giudice vs. Caroline and Lauren Manzo, Real Housewives of New Jersey: We thought we've seen and heard it all until Teresa started to criticize Caroline's weight and looks for no apparent reason. "You have three rolls: Blubber, blubber and more blubber," she proclaimed. It's all good though because Lauren's comeback was even better. Get ready for an epic burn! 

14. Brandi Glanville vs. Taylor Armstrong, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Brandi is not one to steer clear of sensitive topics, so when it came to Armstrong's husband's suicide and her subsequent book deal, the fiery blond let America know she thought it was inappropriate. And so a bickering match occurred that ended with Kyle Richards dubbing Brandi "Angry Spice." LOL!

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