ESC, Sunglasses for your face shape

The sun is a-shining. This—at its most basic level—means you have no better excuse than to splurge on a pair of new of sunglasses. But before you spend a fortune on stunners that leave indentations on your cheeks or fall off your face, let's be certain these new shades actually flatter.

If you have a round face… your visage is on the fuller side. Angular features or jawline corners are not too apparent. Your baby face is a lifetime gift (it helps you look younger), and be rest assured that you're in good company with sophisticated celebs including Ginnifer Goodwin and Michelle Williams.

Opt for geometric shapes to accentuate lines and elongate your face. Horizontal frames and rectangular lenses will help your face look longer and thinner. Think of it as makeup-free contouring.

Jessica Alba, Shopping


If you have an oval face… you, friend, are gifted with a proportional face shape that can complement most types of sunglasses. An oval visage typically features a 3-to-2 ratio, which means your face is a third longer than it is wide. Case in point: Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba and Megan Fox.

Again, you have the pick of the litter, but curved-up styles, like retro-inspired wayfayers or cat-eyes, will complement high cheekbones.

If you have a heart-shaped face… you have a wider forehead, high cheekbones, followed by a narrow jawline or chin, like Reese Witherspoon or Sarah Hyland.

To find the best look for your face, it's all about balance. Opt for sunglasses that feature round lenses, like cat-eye or super-round sunnies, to soften the bottom half of your face. The trick here is to divert attention down, so it's best to avoid large, embellished frames. The bigger your sunglasses, the greater chance they will hit your high cheekbones, leaving marks on your face. In this case, aviators with a nose bridge and pads may be best for you.

If you have a square face… you have a prominent forehead, jawline and chin—the trifecta! There's no missing your angular features—or that of Demi Moore or Angelina Jolie

Like other face shapes, it's about striking the right proportion. Complement the natural corners and lines of your face with curves. Round, oval, cat-eye, butterfly and even rimless glasses will soften up your features.

Now who's ready for some shade?

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