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It's no secret that James Franco is weird. But his latest Instagram post about his former Spring Breakers co-star Selena Gomez is basically just bizarre and a little creepy.

The 36-year-old shared a photo earlier today that features the 22-year-old singer cradling a tiny baby swaddled in blankets. Gomez holds the baby lovingly while gazing down at its face.

The sweet snapshot, which was taken on the set of Gomez and Franco's new movie In Dubious Battle, clearly caught Franco's attention as he felt compelled to share it on Instagram with the caption, "Selene and I had a baby. It was born during Sprang Break. @selenagomez."

Um, OK... In addition to joking about having a child with Gomez, he also accidentally spelled her name wrong.

James Franco, Selena Gomez

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

As for their new movie together, Franco is directing Gomez in In Dubious Battle based on John Steinbeck's gritty, realist novel of the same name, which portrays the economic struggle in 1930s America as close to all-out class warfare. The cast also includes Vincent D'Onofrio, Robert Duvall, Ed Harris, Bryan Cranston and Danny McBride.

We're wondering if Franco's baby joke made Gomez laugh or creeped out. Back when they filmed Spring Breakers together, Gomez admitted, "He stayed in character the whole time and luckily for me, my character was creeped out by him, because I genuinely was at first."

"We shot the movie for four weeks, then he came in and walked on set as his character and freaked me out," Gomez added. "That's who I knew, until we started doing press and I realized he's one of the most intelligent people I've ever met...He's really nice, I promise. He's great."

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