The Walking Dead's Incredible Season 5 Finale Nearly Killed Us – Find Out What Went Down!

The AMC hit's 5th season finale went out with a bang...literally.
By Lauren Piester Mar 30, 2015 3:20 AMTags
The Walking Dead, S5 Ep16AMC

That was incredible.

We were on the edge of our seat throughout that entire finale, and for once, we left it almost totally satisfied and not drowning in tears.

Morgan returned, finally, first to show off some insane ninja skills to fend off a new threat – a group of dudes called the Wolves, who are also responsible for all of those walkers with W's on their heads. They've got some sort of walker army, and they're totally evil but Morgan couldn't even leave them to die after knocking them all out with his hiking stick, so he put them in an abandoned car.

Then, it was up to Morgan to save Aaron and Daryl from nearly being killed thanks to a trap set by the Wolves, in which a few hundred walkers were trapped a bunch of trucks.

Meanwhile, most of Alexandria was consumed with a town meeting to discuss Rick and Pete's actions from last week. Carol tried to get Rick to lie, saying that he stole the gun only in order to protect Jessie from Pete, but that wasn't really working.

Deanna was still thrown by Father Gabriel's warning to her that Rick and his group are dangerous, but she probably would have changed her mind about listening to that doofus if she could have seen what he was up to this episode: taking a walk in the woods, whistling an actual death wish to a walker who was just trying to enjoy his lunch, chickening out at the last second, crying on the ground, and then failing to close the town gates when he ran back home like a scared little boy.

Sasha was handling her depression and survivor's guilt only a little better, if you can call lying down in a grave full of walkers for a while "better." She ended up waiting in the church until Gabriel returned and putting a gun to his head when he told her that yes, she probably should feel like dying. Maggie showed up to stop her just in time, though at this point (and every point) we were rooting for her to pull the trigger.

The guy we were most fearful for, though, was Glenn, who continued his showdown with Nicholas – AKA the guy who got Noah killed two weeks ago. Nicholas tried to leave Glenn to die a couple times, but Glenn is far too awesome to be taken down by a whole crowd of walkers descending upon him, apparently. He could have then killed Nicholas in a fight to rival last week's Rick vs. Pete, but he stopped himself before that happened and they helped each other back to town, even though we would have been OK with Glenn heading back alone.

Finally, it was time for the meeting. Rick was supposed to be there, but he got a little sidetracked by the fact that walkers had gotten in after Gabriel left the gate open. He battled zombies while Maggie, Michonne, Abraham, Jessie and more defended him to the group, saying that "who he is is who you're gonna be, if you're lucky."


Deanna tried to bring up Gabriel's warning, but since Gabriel was busy being threatened by Sasha at the moment, her words didn't really mean much. Luckily, Rick then showed up with a dead walker thrown over his shoulder to prove to them that they're not as safe as they think they are. To emphasize his point, he gives a little speech.

"I was thinking how many of you do I have to kill to save your lives, but I'm not gonna do that," he said, before refusing to apologize for anything he said or did. "You're not ready, but you have to be. Luck runs out."

Right then, Pete – who spent the day receiving both a casserole and death threats from Carol – showed up to yell a lot and wave Michonne's sword around and right through Reg Monroe's throat.

Deanna, who was now losing both her son and her husband, turned to Rick, her mind clearly changed.

"Do it," she said, and he shot Pete in the head, right as Daryl and Aaron showed up with Morgan. The season ended with Michonne almost putting her sword back on the wall before deciding to keep it with her once again.

So, yes, a moment of silence for Reg, who seemed to be a lovely man, but at least his sacrifice wasn't wasted, and now we don't have to deal with Pete anymore.

As for next season, the Wolves seem sort of Lost Boys-ian in the most terrifying of ways, and we're excited and also very scared to see what sort of horrors they bring. If season six is anywhere near as good as season five has been, we're in for quite a ride.