"If she parks like that she should not be a member of Congress anymore."

So says a member of the audience gathered to watch 77-year-old Eleanor Holmes Norton, a congresswoman in Washington D.C., try (and fail) to park her car into a normal, wide-open spot.

Now we are first to admit that we are terrible at parking. If we have to parallel park, forget it. We're forking over 12 bucks to the valet so we don't have to worry about that nonsense. But this footage is next-level bananas.

Not only does Eleanor bump and scratch up against the cars next to hers as she tries to slide in, but she gets out and pays no never mind to her completely ridiculous park job. Plus, there are people with her who tried to assist her with the park job and simply just let her leave the car like that as if they looked at it when she was done and was like, "eh, close enough."

According to Heard on the Hill, Norton did leave a note later before she left just in case there was any damage to the surrounding cars.

"After the Congresswoman parked her car, we assessed the cars on either side to see if there was any damage. We could not find any," a Norton aide told the site. "But we left a note with a business card so the congresswoman could be contacted in case we missed any."

You know what? We kind of love you for this, Eleanor. You probably had more important business to attend to in Washington.

(H/T PleatedJeans)

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