Everyone's talking about Kylie Jenner lining her lips—even Kylie Jenner!

But as the 17-year-old trendsetter told Grazia U.K., lipliner—and contouring—"definitely changed my life."

"I always have, like, every color lipliner [in my bag]," she admitted. But the pencils to create a perfect pout aren't the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star's only beauty obsession—she loves her lashes!

"We definitely have great lashes in the family [naturally]," she said, "but lately I've been obsessed with strip lashes...All I do is wear fake lashes! I love them."

Her fav fakes don't cost a fortune either. In fact, you can pick 'em up at the drugstore. "I love CVS," she told Grazia U.K. "I get all my lashes from there."

So how did Kylie, now a trendsetter herself, figure all this stuff out? Big sis Khloé Kardashian gets some credit for giving good beauty advice from the get-go! "She always [told] me growing up to put sunscreen on my hands and face," Kylie said. "And [to] always wash my face before I go to sleep."

Khloé's also the one to speak up if something doesn't look quite right. Kylie laughingly recalled a time her big sis set her straight after she'd stolen mom Kris Jenner's makeup. "I used her foundation for the first time, and she so wasn't my skin color—she was like 10 shades darker, and I saw my sister Khloé after..."

"Khloé was like, 'Are you wearing makeup? That is not your shade, Kylie,'" she said. "I was so embarrassed!"

She figured it out eventually! These days, Kylie's lending her aesthetic talents to others...other species, even. "I never paint my own nails anymore, I always get them done now, but I paint Norman's nails and my new puppy Bambi," she said. "They love it. It's dog-safe nail polish. Norman always gets sparkly blue, and Bambi gets hot pink."

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