Well, we never thought we'd see the day! Kanye West is crushing on someone besides himself! 

And, no, it's not his wife or daughter. It's 93-year-old fashion icon Iris Apfel. And, the legendary Apfel seems to geek out right back at him. This clip comes courtesy of Apfel's new documentary, Iris (out April 29), which was shared by Paper Mag

The scene is the 2011 CFDA Awards, and Iris, clad in her signature baubles and oversized glasses and draped in what we can only assume is insanely expensive silk, has been making the rounds with all of fashion's biggest names. She's just met Jenna Lyons and Alexander Wang, and next a rapper-slash-aspiring-designer (this is 2011, remember) has come to pay his respects. 

"You're killing it, you look so good tonight," says a fawning Kanye West as he approaches Apfel backstage. For once he appears humble and in awe, possibly because Iris' many neck jewels are actually blinding him. But, to our surprise, she reacts not with sarcasm but with even more geeking out.

"Well thank you," she says, grinning (or whatever the icy fashion queen equivalent of a grin is). "My goodness, coming from a handsome young fellow...wow!"

Clearly she is smitten with Kanye's praise and proud to know that someone as hip as he is likes her style. Or there's always the possibility that Iris had absolutely no idea who Kanye West was, and decided to just do the polite thing and call him a "handsome young fellow" instead of "strange man." 

Either way, we're going to hold onto this moment to have handy for the next time that Kanye declares himself, like, the Next Jesus or something.

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