January Jones couldn't be less like her character Betty on Mad Men in real life, and we find it more and more fascinating every time we see her!

Fresh off her stunning spread for Violet Grey's The Violet Files, where she rocked six dramatically different looks (one of them, topless), Jones told me that she's finding more and more confidence as she gets older, and credits her Mad Men character Betty for that.

January Jones, VIOLET GREY


"I feel like by playing [Betty], whenever I was in that world, I was braver than I normally am, just because she is so beautifully flawed and complicated," Jones said. "I just felt like I could get away with anything when her, so I'll just miss her. She was a gift of a role for an actress."

January, who's starring now on Fox's The Last Man on Earth, also had this to say about why she decided to recently dye her hair a soft pink, and try out so many different looks in the magazine spread: "I love experimenting with that kind of stuff, I mean that's one of the aspects of my job I love so much too is the transformation process so that was a fun shoot…. I don't like rules in general."

January Jones, VIOLET GREY


January also revealed that despite her scientifically proven flawlessness (look at the photos above!), she struggles with insecurities like the rest of us. (Praise. Be.) And she was most confident as a kid.

"I just didn't think of confidence one way or another," she told me of her early years. "I just was. There wasn't anything to make me insecure. I just think as women, it's not until we sort of develop into women in that pubescent period of time that we sort of pick on each other and point out each other's flaws that it becomes more complicated. I do feel confident in life most of the time, but as a woman obviously, we have our insecurities and vulnerabilities, but yeah...As I get older, I feel more confident every year, too. Maybe I'm going back to that a bit."

Betty would be proud! See what else January has to say about confidence, rules and what she'll miss the most and LEAST about Mad Men in the video above!

Mad Men's final seven episodes premiere this Sunday on AMC.

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