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Zayn Malik broke the hearts of One Direction fans all over again when he broke his silence on the reasoning behind his departure from the successful boyband. Because it was bad enough for fans to accept that Zayn wanted to leave the group, but when they heard he might be embarking on a solo career without the other guys?!

That's just twisting a salt-covered knife in an already infected wound. Ouch.

And what's most interesting is that Directioners are going through the five stages of grief as they deal with this new information. Hopefully, with time and maybe some therapy, they can all reach the acceptance phase.

But not right now, as most 1D fans are either depressed or pissed or both:


Aka any fan who tweets something like: "I won't believe this rumor until he releases a song!" or "Why would he go solo when he just wants to be a 'normal' guy out of the spotlight?!"


Teenagers and tweenagers with rage is never a safe mix.


Basically any One Direction fan who semi-accepted Zayn's solo plans but only in certain ways went into this category. They are almost to full acceptance, but first they have to let go of the fact that Zayn probably won't be collaborating with the boys any time soon.


These are the same fans who probably had the candlelit vigils for their fallen Zayn.


Some fans not only support Zayn's desire to be a solo artist, but they are actually excited for his music. Franky, we think Zayn singing sexy R&B songs would be a treat for the ears and the ovaries.

Hang in there, One Direction fans. Don't rush through these stages! We'll see you all at acceptance, unless Zayn says something like he never loved Harry Styles or his cheekbones aren't real, in which case we have to start all over again.

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