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Have you met the new Jesus Christ? He's heavenly looking (no pun intended...OK, maybe a little).

Actor Juan Pablo Di Pace has taken on the holy role for NBC's miniseries A.D. The Bible Continues, the network's sequel to The Bible premiering on April 5, and has since been appropriately dubbed the new "Hot Jesus," (which was previously held by Diogo Morgado) but don't expect him to be all giddy about his superficial title.

During an interview with E! News the (single!) Argentinean star admitted he was thankful for the praise but that's not what this role is about for him.

"I don't feel the pressure. To me, it cheapens my experience of the role," he explains, "It just means so much to me. That's flattering, that's great, thank you very much."

Juan Pablo Di Pace

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It's no shocker that getting a call to play Jesus Christ is one intense gig, so just how did Juan Pablo react to being cast in such a pivotal role?

"Not one second in my whole life I thought I'd be ready to play this part," he tells us. "It wasn't in my plans. So when I actually got the call, I was like, oh, now I have to really get into this. It was daunting and amazing. It was life-changing."

And where the series jumps off didn't make it any easier. Di Pace explains that A.D. kicks off at the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, a scene that nobody could really prepare for beforehand.

"It was very hard. It was jumping at the deep end from the very beginning. So I had to get myself into that mode really quickly and there's no research in the whole world you can do to prepare you for a crucifixion—least of all, a Christ crucifixion. So I think a lot of that work was internalizing what that meant for me to be in that moment and to be in the shoes and make it as simple as I could, as human as I could."

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