Disney Star Peyton List Idolizes Blake Lively Like the Rest of Us, Gives Tour of Her Closet

The Disney darling talks fashion, beauty and her celeb style icons

By Jennifer Cooper, Lindsey Sirera Mar 30, 2015 7:58 PMTags
Peyton ListJennifer Cooper, E! Entertainment

Not every 16-year-old girl has a sense of style sharp enough to make even a red carpet pro go weak at the knees, but not every girl is Peyton List. Amongst a killer acting career and a wildly successful role on Disney's Jessie, the budding actress is a certified teen style icon. And with the help of her Jessie alter-ego Emma Ross, she's probably picked up a few helpful hints along the way. We're talking her drool-worthy on-set wardrobe, which includes Ted Baker jumpers and Alice + Olivia jewel print jeans amidst other designer duds.

But don't think her high-fashion taste translates to unattainable—when it's time to shop, you can find the blond beauty digging through goods at vintage stores, and hitting up the local Forever 21. She (like the rest of us mere mortals), fawns over a certain former Gossip Girl star's street style, and you won't believe how she'd change up her buttery blond do' if she could pick any wild hairstyle. Plus, find out who's her celebrity crush!

Ready for all of Peyton's spring style and beauty tidbits? Go ahead, read on!

Jennifer Cooper, E! Entertainment

Who're your style icons? I love Blake Lively. I always go on Pinterest and look her up to see what she's doing. Also Olivia Palermo, and then also George Clooney's wife, Amal Clooney. She's beautiful and I love her outfit choices; everything she wears is amazing!

What's your most embarrassing beauty blunder? Once I dyed my eyebrows because I hated that they didn't match my blond hair. Now I love that they don't, but I dyed them platinum blond and you couldn't see them on my face. It looked like I had no eyebrows at all. It was the worst! That was in 6th or 7th grade I think.

What's the best piece of fashion advice you've ever heard? I'm 16, so I'm still finding who I am with my fashion voice. I'm finally finding it, but someone once told me that you should find whatever works for you and your body type and then just stick with it. Buy those things, and buy them in bulk so you'll have them for the rest of your life, because that will work for you forever.

If you drastically changed your hairstyle, what would you do? I've been thinking about going darker lately, like a couple shades. But if I could do something drastic and crazy I think I'd go like a champagne pink and chop it really short. For an episode of Jessie, my character rebels out, cuts her hair really short and dies it purple. I loved it— I felt like a whole different person and really cool all the sudden like a rebel!

Jennifer Cooper, E! Entertainment

Where are your favorite places to shop? I love vintage shopping. It's hard to find vintage things sometimes because they're so tiny, but I also love mixing high and low. I'll go to Barneys and find something, but then I'll go to Forever 21 for the bottoms. Those are usually my outfit pairings that work best.

Crop tops or pantsuits: I prefer a pantsuit with a crop top underneath it. I'm more of a jumpsuit/pantsuit kind of girl, but last year if you would've asked me that I would've been a crop top person.  

What new item are you currently obsessing over in your closet? I have this new strappy pair of heels that I love, and whenever I put them on I feel like a million bucks.

Describe your sense of style in three words: Casual, chic and funky.

Jennifer Cooper, E! Entertainment

Instagram or Twitter: Instagram! My favorite filter is Valencia. It's the most natural one it and it doesn't really overdo it.

What spring trends are you excited to try? Well just looking at fashion week, I've seen so many '70s things. I'm obsessed with the ‘70s. All of the clothing fits so well with my body, like bell bottoms—they're so flattering.

What's your favorite drugstore makeup? L'Oreal Butterfly Effects Mascara and Covergirl Magna Carta, they make your eyelashes super long. They're amazing!

Who's your celeb crush? The guy in Kingsmen: The Secret Service who played Eggby [Taron Egerton], he looks like a young Leonardo DiCaprio. When I saw the movie I was like: Hello, you are fine!

Jennifer Cooper, E! Entertainment
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