Jon Hamm Opens Up About Mad Men Ending and Finding Peace, and We've Never Rooted for Him More

"There's a mixture of feelings"

By Kristin Dos Santos Mar 27, 2015 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Jon Hamm Talks Mad Men Series Finale

Jon Hamm did something this week that most actors wouldn't. And he did it well.

Just 24 hours after the sensitive news broke that he had finished a stint in rehab, Hamm showed up for a full day (and night) of press, promoting AMC's Mad Men, which comes back April 5. 

In good spirits, and joking that he's part of a secret society of hot, bearded, Hollywood men (who also shave their legs), Hamm tackled some serious questions about what Don Draper deserves in the very end, and how working on yourself is important for the people you love.

Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

He was honest and funny, and as he talked about the end of the show, and how everyone deserves to find peace—even if you've made some poor choices—we've never rooted for him more.

Watch the exclusive video interview above to see highlights of the touching interview for yourself!

The Mad Men cast actually wrapped production eight months ago, and Hamm admits that saying goodbye to the inconic TV series that changed his life has been challenging.

"There's a mixture of feelings," he told me. "You feel very happy that you're done and that you've got this thing to look back on, and say, ‘I'm very proud of this piece of work that I did, this extended, long term story that I've been fortunate enough to be a part of.'

"And also there's some wistfulness and some sadness," he continued, "and some melancholy and there's some bittersweet qualities to it where you go, ‘Oh, that thing that was a constant in my life for so long, is no more.' But they both can exist in the same place in your life and in your psyche and in your heart. So that's life, good things end. Nothing is forever. I think we all know that and as we age we all know that more and more, and sometimes you want those good things to be good forever, they can't be, just by definition."

Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

Clearly no one on Mad Men is giving away the show's ending (no one keeps secrets better than this cast, and that probably includes the Pentagon), but Hamm did delve into whether he believes Don deserves a happy ending, given all of his poor choices through the years, and his struggle with multiple demons, including alcoholism.

"I think that making questionable choices in life doesn't necessarily negate you from the pursuit of happiness," says Hamm. "I hope Don finds peace. I hope he does, honestly, I think he deserves it. He's had a pretty rough go, for a pretty long time. And you know, the process of working on oneself is never easy but hopefully it's beneficial in the long-term for not only you, but the people you love."

Though the rest of the cast told me they really never had any input—ever!—into  what happened with their character in the end (Matt Weiner knows what he wants, and he gets it, and it works!), Hamm hinted that he did have some back and forth.

"Matt and I have had a relatively collaborative relationship as long as the show's been going," Hamm told me, "and he's looked to me for some version of positive reinforcement over the years. And I think Matthew had a very good idea of how he wanted the show to end, and in what emotional space he wanted it to end. And then we would talk about it in very oblique terms."

If you're missing Mad Men, and Jon Hamm on your TV already, please note: He's incredible in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, now on Netflix, which we're still obsessing over.

"Everyone should watch!" Hamm says, "'Cause I'm very very proud of that. It's starring my former student Ellie Kemper, who is a force of nature and very talented and I'm so happy for her."

That's right. Fun fact you may have forgotten: Jon Hamm was star Ellie Kemper's 8th grade drama teacher! Kiernan Shipka (Sally Draper) also has an incredible/incredibly ridiculous role as Kimmy's half-sister Kymmi.

Mad Men's final episodes premiere April 7 on AMC.

Watch the exclusive interview with Jon above to see why his legs are "smooth as a Ken doll" and hear his thoughts on letting go, and finding peace, as Mad Men comes to an end.