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Vanessa Lachey's not-so-baby boy, Camden, has finally graduated into the big boy bed!

The mother of two posted Camden's "eviction notice" on her personal blog Thursday gushing about her first-born's transition from his crib to a bed.

"EVICTION NOTICE!!! Camden is officially out of his crib and in a big boy bed!!! In honor of his big transition, I want to share all the love and details that went into his sweet baby boy nursery. Head to and see all the photos," wrote the proud mom on her Instagram.

The 34-year-old actress shared on her blog that Camden actually moved into his big boy room a few months ago, but just this past weekend, the 2-year-old toddler has been sleeping in his new bed.

However, Vanessa shared that getting her son to make this huge transition wasn't so easy.

"We tried to do one transition at a time for Camden. First: new room; second: new family member; third: new bed. There are other tricks I used to help make the transition easier, like putting a blanket in his crib that I then moved into the bed so he had the familiarity," explained the actress. "I gave him a choice of two blankets that I wouldn't mind keeping in the new room, and let him choose between them so he could be a part of the process."

And the outcome? "He did great!" wrote the actress.

Vanessa explained that she and dad Nick Lachey helped with their son's big move, and let's just say there was some bribery involved.  "Nick and I did it before his afternoon nap on Saturday, so we were awake and able to help with his transition. It took a little coaxing, a few tears, and ultimately a Kit Kat bribe (haha), but it worked! He LOVES his new bed," shared Vanessa.

As for Camden's old crib, the former Entertainment Tonight correspondent shared that her newborn daughter, Brooklyn, has taken over her brother's former sleeping post, plus a few other items.

Vanessa Lachey, Nick Lachey

"She now has Cam's old crib, glider, ottoman, side table, and changing table. I love that!" shared Vanessa.

But the gorgeous mom had this all planned when she initially purchased Camden's ivory-finished crib. "This crib is special. It was the hardest piece to get in the room, but totally worth it. I am in love with this crib. I specifically chose this color because I knew I wanted it to be versatile," she wrote.

In honor of this transition, the actress went on to post about Camden's old quarters and the inspiration behind his "dream nursery."

"The design inspiration all started with a piece of cloth—literally!! I picked a tiny fabric sample that I loved—which became the crib sheets and changing pad cover—and then we designed everything else around that. I can't believe my little guy has his own big boy bed, and my little princess is in a full-size crib! Time flies!" wrote Mama Vanessa.

We wish nothing but sweet dreams for both Camden and Brooklyn in their new beds!

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