Zayn Malik, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban

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Hollywood is reacting to Zayn Malik's departure from One Direction in a big way!

"People are freaking out!" Jennifer Lopez told E! News exclusively last night at her American Idol party in Hollywood. "I get it. Everybody's different and that's what you have to understand. I know a lot of people from the outside are looking and going, ‘Why leave right now?' But we don't know what it is to walk in his shoes. Things comes to an end sometimes. From what I hear, they're going to keep on getting the great music and we'll see how it goes."

J.Lo's fellow AI judge Keith Urban added of the controversy, "That's an unusual world to grow up in, I would think. But at the end of the day, if you've got the goods like Justin Timberlake, you can go the distance."

Meanwhile, when we broke the news to Kevin Hart at his Get Hard premiere Wednesday, he yelled, "What?!...It's hard for me to do a premiere with that type of news...Message to Zayn: why?!"

"I just heard. That's hot off the presses," Will Ferrell said on the red carpet. "If they're looking for, like, a 47-year-old addition—change it up—I'm ready."

Boy George also sounded off on the surprising One Direction news. "Someone's always gonna leave the band," the former Culture Club singer told E! News last night. "Particularly in a boy band, you get that whole, ‘I'm Spartacus. I can have the best solo career.' Actually, everybody always said it would be Harry that would have left. The last two years I've been hearing, ‘Harry's gonna leave.' Zayn pipped him to the post."

"He's adored. People love him, so maybe he's planning to do something else," he added. "You know, being in a boy band is amazing, they've done incredibly well, but it's restrictive. If you wanna grow as an artist, then you have to be brave and I think he's made enough money to be brave."

Watch the Hollywood reactions to the 1D controversy for yourself!

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