There's Now a Dating Site for People Who Believe in Ghosts

Supernatural Dating Society really exists

By Seija Rankin Mar 26, 2015 6:51 PMTags
Ghostbuster Logo

Have you even been on Tinder, swiping left over and over, and thought "This would be so much better if I knew which guys here believed in ghosts"?

Well, now the answer to life's biggest question has been solved. Enter Supernatural Dating Society, an online dating site made just for those who are interested in the otherworldly. According to the website, the society was created for singles who "would like nothing more than to meet other people with whom they can discuss their thoughts, beliefs and experiences without compromise."

And, SDS isn't limited to just ghost hunters—anyone with a bizarre interest is welcome, whether it's aliens, haunted houses, ESP, astrology, curses, vampires, spirit healing, mind reading or more. According to an interview that Cosmpolitan conducted with creator The Amazing Kreskin (a renowned mentalist, and yes, that is his name), the way the dating site works is simple: You just fill out a form detailing your areas of supernatural interest or describing something otherworldly that you experienced, and anyone with a similar enthusiasm can contact you to discuss. If rehashing stories of alien encounters over a few martinis leads to love, then so be it.

It might seem like a...strange...form of matchmaking, but Kreskin (or does he prefer just The Amazing?) insists that he started the site after fielding tons of inquiries about dating between ghost enthusiasts. "Most people I talked to would like to meet people that they could join and visit places that seem like they're haunted," he told Cosmo. "The other area, which is gigantic, is the UFO area."

It sounds like a match made in heaven (or hell?!) to us. Oh, and if your true romantic fantasy lies in meeting the ghost of your dreams then fear not—they're allowed to use the site too.

(Note: Ghostbusters is not affiliated with the site, but a proton pack could prove useful should you have a bad date with the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.)